Why You're Suddenly Remembering Your Dreams in the Morning

This article is a succinct and informative look at how the virus is affecting our dreams – along with many internal links to the how and the why this is happening. Well worth a read, in the event your own dreams have been affected by COVID 19.


I wish I was suddenly remembering my dreams in the morning! It’s been very challenging for me to remember my dreams enough to record them lately. Hopefully this will change over time. My sleep and dreams are definitely being affected by this pandemic flustercluck.

It’s so great that Night Club is offering dream sharing groups now. It is a great way to connect with others and talk about dreams. Much appreciated!



I have been remembering most dreams lately as I seem to have a better sleeping rhythm and using galantamine at the right time. I do not listen to the news and only occasionally glance at an online source or two. Otherwise, I’d be bobbing up and down like a rubber duckie in the bathtub.The more this bardo goes on, the more opportunity for me to shed the illusory comforts I’ve purchased for myself—often “on-sale”, during this current incarnation. I know I’ve been preparing for this NOW my whole life and I believe I will be navigating through it till the next one approaches.