Hi from NZ

Hi - I am struggling to remember my dreams these days - probably because I don’t sleep well . But I still journal daily as much as I remember even if it’s just a word. I’m happy to be in a community of active dream appreciators here. A big warm hello to you all :}}


Welcome to the Night Club. You write,

I can relate to that, having insomnia problems and I often struggle to remember dreams and have to work hard to get lucid. It’s been getting better over many months and I find there is no better place for information and support than this website. Have you taken any of Andrew’s courses? Attended any webinars? Keeping a journal is THE recommended first step, so you’re right on track. Next step?


Many years of journal keeping - and webinars Yes to that. A good night’s sleep is my main aim at the moment - then dream fragments might expand. Less food for dinner , herbal teas and meditation - all a work in progress. How are you managing insomnia?


I also have some CBD that seems to help. It’s an adventure every night.


It sure is an adventure and I love it :}


My average is about 2-3 good dreams remembered each week with lucid dreams about 1-2 per month. Moving to a new environment, the major leagues of homes, in a couple of weeks, so I hope to improve the averages with more focus and space, both outside and inside my head.


I’m wondering how you’re doing, especially as you’re a kiwi like me. There aren’t that many of us here. Hi from Wellington :grinning:


Hi :} nice to meet you Jane72 . I’m in Auckland - have to confess - I love this site but not often on here - even though we have less going on these days , somehow I seem to be busier! I’m assuming it’s calm and easier out of Auckland right now :} ?

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Hello, Cha. It’s fine here in Welly. You folks are getting the worst of it up there. When you see what the rest of the world has to face, though, you feel grateful to be in NZ. However, the latest news from the KFC worker isn’t good. I hope things don’t get away on us now. The last lockdown will be seen as mild if this lot spreads far and wide.

Are you a lucid dreamer? I have been but am dull lately. I’m going through a lot of changes. This website has been a mine of riches for me. I hope we can talk again.

Hare Om - and every good wish and blessing to you personally,

Jane :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Jane - and out of lockdown again - but now the air hostess !:}} but I sort of love lockdown and the unreal sense of calm that it brings - although when I go past the beach - way too many people there !

Actually I’ve only had one experience of being lucid and deciding to walk through a wall and the reward that came from it :}} but i do have snippets of recall almost every day and try to write them in my journal. But nothing impressive lately - last big one was an airplane crashing dream last March with all the anxiety around the new world we now live in.

I listen to dreams people have every week - on Zoom sessions with Robert Bosnak - and mine are way to small and mundane to participate … I used to try to paint my dream images and that was fun…

Thanks for your good wishes and blessing - to you too xx


The air hostess won’t spread it around, probably, sigh. I must check out Robert Bosnak :grinning:

Take care

Ok, so he’s a Jungian analyst. A wonderous thing to be. Please never say your dreams are not interesting enough to share, because that can never be true. You may be surprised at what happens if you do share them. Have a go!

Love xx


Yes Jane you are right - I would always encourage someone to share even a fragment and work with that - even a colour or a word … there’s so much in every little bit.
Funny thing is that right now - real life feels more like a dream than dreaming does! It’s been a very odd year plus … it started with living in Sydney almost 2 yrs ago with all that smoke day after day… landing at the airport through a “white-out” of smoke all around us … then flowed into Covid as the fires stopped… this would make a good dream story :}}


You’re right. And it gets more dreamlike as time goes on. It’s wonderful :heart_decoration: