What's that !? Dream Wind, Vines and Other Unexpected Occurrences

Hello fellow lucid dreamers,

Lately (and not so lately) I’ve been facing some obstacles every single time I intended to engage my Lucid Dream Plan, i.e.: healing myself.

Last night, I became lucid, and once again upon asking things such as “Show me the source of my illness!” or “Show me what’s going on in my body!” I simply was responded with silence. Nothing happened. No answer, no changes. Nothing. As if the awareness behind the dream, or the unconscious, was not here, not listening. (Which of course, is not the case, since other things happen instead.) It just goes like * blank *

I got upset (“damn, not again”), and decided to try something more general, asking “Show me what I need the most!” aaaand. Nothing happened ! Yet this time I had made sure to really expect something to happen, but nope. Silence.

Afterwards, the dream started to collapse and everything went black as it often does (I tend to see that as the ego trying to stop me from healing) Anyways, as soon as it started to do so, I started to spin to counteract the collapsing. I knew I would wake up otherwise. I succeeded. A new dreamworld appeared. The rest of the lucid dream, I simply spent exploring and trying to make things appear (e.g.: Hogwarts. I managed to play Quidditch so, that’s not that bad.) But I was really frustrated. At bit earlier in the same lucid dream when I asked for help, a kind of Zombie seized my leg from the ground and tried to prevent me from moving any further. I flew away but still. I had the same experience with Vines, Chains and so on before. Or just paralysis. Like, sleep paralysis, except I’m still dreaming.

On other occasions (it happened at least in 5 different lucid dreams) as soon as I ask my question, there’s an intense Wind that starts blowing and which kind of “erases” everything. Like a Storm that blows everything away, and the dream just ends.

In a previous lucid dream, when I asked “show me the source of my illness” the same “wind” lifted me in the air and brought me into space. (I then saw a screen showing a movie clip from Interstellar, I could see Anne Hathaway walking in her spacesuit). I did not know what to do… and then had a false awakening.

I don’t get it. It sounds like a serious ego defense mechanism to me. I’m a bit confused on how to deal with these things. My intuition tells me I need to face a deep fear. There’s something I maybe need to face first, something I’m escaping. But what ? I’ve already faced my fears several times in my lucid dreams. Do I need to go even deeper ? I don’t know…

Any idea ?


Looking at the nature of the mind and healing is not so easy and it’s good you’re able to get lucid frequently in this pursuit. Perhaps a widening of perspective at this juncture would be to concentrate on doing shadow work, such as the type Charlie Morley advocates by simply saying “Shadow me” and take what comes with no expectations. I’ve had success with this, though the shadows have often not been what I expected!

On a personal note, I’ve been trying to heal myself from various maladies for a couple of years. I’m also struck by how many “enlightened beings,” who I have seen or read about, have had similar or worse afflictions than mine. I’ve also seen or heard about people who have been healed, either though psychic means or through scientific medical practices. I’ve tried both and will continue to do. Among other things I have tinnitus in both ears which I now regard as a gift. I use it for my open-awareness meditation and it is quite useful. But, that’s just me.


be gentle, perhaps leave some time for the question to be answered. Perhaps try asking the question when you are awake and then simply watch what unfolds during dreams in following nights.
I have had some experience of locking myself out of lucid dreams, which then seems to be followed or maybe accompanied by what can be refered as not so pleasant daytime attitudes and experiences. So watch and try to understand what you are experiencing in your daily goings on… What goes through your mind, what you act on and what you do not.
And try to relax even if it seems impossible.
It will untangle itself, trust it and be patient


@_Barry Shadow works would be a good thing. Weirdly enough, I have this feeling of excitement just thinking about facing my fear again and again in dreams. I know there’s a lot of fear stored in my unconscious mind/body. I’ve had my fear displaying as The Joker in one lucid dream a year ago. It was pretty cool. We ended up talking and I hugged him. I guess I should continue with that. Still many layers to it. (But, meeting my inner Joy could be awesome too.)

I’m on the same page :slight_smile: Yes indeed, as Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche says “Enlightenment goes beyond healing and the need for healing” so in the end, it makes sense that even some great enlightened masters may die from sicknesses. But on a relative level, healing may be necessary… or really beneficial. Also, awesome you’re able to “transmute” tinnitus as a fuel for awareness…

Short update, same “wind” thingy happened two nights ago. Became lucid, and asked “show me the source and origin of my sickness!” started to spin as a top as the wind started to blow! Then a scary man appeared, but gathering my courage, I started to chase him. Catching him, he looked like a grey-blue skeleton, now really weak. He proposed me two “choices” or answers. The first seemed unhelpful. The second was something akin to “keep being courageous and continue on your own”. That’s the one I chose. Anyway…


Now that’s a really good advice (that keeps slipping out of my mind.) That’s really much it. I came to the conclusion I should somehow take a roundabout. Meaning, not trying to “fix” myself so directly. Maybe do some mind-stretching exercises. I don’t know, maybe making it rain flowers in my next lucid dreams ! Or asking to meet my inner joy. Something a bit lighter… Thanks for those kind (and calming) words.