Illusory Form Practice We Began During Session #3


Andrew, We are truly blessed to be included in this Dreams of Light book study. I am looking forward to conducting my nightly meditation utilizing the technique you provided during session number three. I have to say, these meditations of mine, using your technique have been eventful, if such a word is an adequate descriptor. As I proceed, I’m sure that I will attain greater skill with this technique. But, for now, I’ve been able to envision the empty and dreamlike nature of the solid matter making-up the objects upon which I’ve been focused. Additionally, my heart has opened to an experience as delightful as rainbow light! Blessings to You, Andrew that you would emanate such a sublime gift to the Grateful Souls in this class. I am filled with childlike wonder. Love, Grace, and Radiance Encompass You, Chris Preston/JaiAhimsa


Blessings to All,

Last night The Wish Fulfilling Jewel was the object chosen for the illusory form practice. Deeply studying the books form, image and meaning, I felt very happy. As I dimmed my focus and let go of my thoughts, an energy radiated from the book, which contained information; a wisdom. I felt this energy was also within me. In fact, it was and is me. My mind kept sneaking back in, attempting to systemize the process, as it was rather inspiring. I was laughing at myself, thinking wow this is really special; grasping at the letting go! How funny is that!

My dreams last night were a continuation of this: I was given the job of counting steps leading up to a building on top of a hill… I lost count several times and paused to contemplate why I was counting them to begin with… What was the purpose or value of this knowing? Again laughing, I found it intriguing that I would just go along with someone telling me to count steps, not questioning why!

Many Thanks for the opportunity to share and to be seen and heard. I wish this good fortune for all beings! Please feel free to share your thoughts as well!


Regarding systematization and that you can laugh and be inspired, simultaneously; as you observe your own process is quite a gift.

I have observed a similar process within my own heartmind, which is also, different from your gracious iteration, above.

That is, I have a fair degree of automatically occurring music which happens, daily, in my mind. On some occasions, a particular melody I’m enjoying can be with me for a significant part of any given day.

Since these melodies can be repetitive, I’ve used some of the wisdom meditations we’ve been given in Andrew’s Dreams of Light volume (and in his Dream Yoga book, as well) to accompany these daily melodies.

For example, citation number 3 on page 5 of the Dreams of Light introduction has to do with a passage by Barbara Brown Taylor which generally speaks to the value of day and night time lucidity practice. The citation for Ms Taylor’s statement is further elucidated on page 259 in Andrew’s Endnotes section of the book. The citation, beautifully and inspiringly uses Milarepa’s words, as follows:

“Not seeing dreams and day as differing/This is meditation as it can be/Not seeing the here and hereafter as differing/This is nature as mastered as it can be.”

Having taken the initiative to put Milarepa’s beautiful words to music now for awhile; has provided a deepening illusory form practice along with a blessed contemplation.

May Grace be With You and Be Deeply Blessed


@jaiahimsa, funny you mention songs popping into your head.

I’ve been working with them from the psychological slant. That a song popped into my head for a reason, and that reason is sub-un-conscious. If I remember, I’ll look up the lyrics for that song to try to see what I’m trying to tell myself. I’ve found it pretty useful as I’m pretty shut off from my ‘insides’ as it were.

For Milerepa’s songs, here’s an excellent resource. The one’s I’ve heard are actually pretty good!

Thank-you so much for the resource and for articulating your connection with music!

My experience is primarily with melodies I find irresistible and there are (I won’t even use the qualifier of “seems to be”) fairly deep grooves in my thinking which involve music.

For example, in the dream journal I’ve been initiating for a while now; I leave a daily space for the melody, pop arrangement, or classical composition part, I awaken to in the morning.

Interestingly, I have had an attraction to the (exceedingly simple pop rock) melody to an (rather “gritty”) arrangement entitled, “German Tangerine,” by Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe. I have utilized that rather minimalist melody with the “Cutting Through Mere Appearances” subsection in Chapter !0 of Dreams of Light (chapter entitled: The Experience of Illusory Form). The subsection includes the Buddha’s “cutting-through” words on page 126.

It took a few weeks, but now I can sing, from memory, all of the Buddha’s “cutting through” words (on that page). I have followed the same procedure to different melodies with the Buddhist poetry on pages 161 - 162 in Andrew’s Dream Yoga volume (2016).

Anytime we achieve these accomplishments and can share them with others, is a Blessing.

Grace Encompass Your Presence

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Please forgive this ridiculous delay, but I have to tell you, this is the first time I am reading your reply! I have not been active on this forum and just happened while looking for the recording from last week see that I had 2 messages. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response… It is lovely. I am very curious about your music. Are you a composer/musician?

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