💖 Instructions for Attaining Enlightenment - Padmasambhava - Guru Rinpoche

This teaching, given by the Lotus Master, was entitled, “Instructions for Women on Attaining Enlightenment without abandoning daily activities” and was taken from the text: “Treasures From Juniper Ridge, The Profound Treasure Instructions of Padmasambhava To The Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal” translated and edited by Erik Pema Kunsang & Marcia Binder Schmidt.

Note: I could watch this 2-3 times a month. It is as profound as I’ve ever seen or read at one sitting, but that’s just me.


“unconfined lucid wakefullness”

“Since every type of perception appears as the expression of this aware nature of mind, no matter which thought movement takes place,
It arrises from and dissolves back into the nature of Darmata,
So original wakeulness is unceasing.”

Really loved this. Adding it to the treasure chest.


Just gotta recognize it . . . .


Around the 20min mark is really powerful:

“Since these 5 poisons are of the nature of Dharmata, they must be liberated where they are, by dissolving naturally”

“The object of that anger is empty, so nothing grows from that either”

“The identity of anger is empty. The very moment after anger has bloomed into a hell, there is nothing more for that anger to grow into. So nothing further is grown.”

“Anger is empty of an idividual identity and so has neither shape nor color, matter or substance and therefore dissolves within itself, without having to be rejected…Anger naturally dissovles within the exapanse of Dharmata, it is similar with desire, closedmindedness, pride and envy. They are empty of locations and so have no origin”


Amazing when you think about how we can go out of our way to stay angry because it makes us feel real (says Andrew) when all we have to do it let it pass, and not even wave bye bye!


Yeah it is really amazing, and how quickly it can dissolve if given enough space.

I think different egos can become almost addicted to these emotional states, talk about ‘state junkies’. So much so that it becomes a behavioral habit that starts to “do them” rather then them doing it.

Thats a big draw for Twitter and Rumble, people addicted to the drama. News media targets this addiction too.

Theres a great line I say in a show, short but profound, the character says in talking about an angry woman:

“agitation is her prefered state”


And she or he is out on the road this morning driving to work in heavy traffic . . . .


Or on the airplane flying over a major city, or responsible for quality control at the top food manufacter, etc, etc, etc.


Or in the government controlling policy over . . . .


thank you for sharing this delightful soul food :slight_smile:

In Portuguese the word Dharmata is very interesting… it can be seen through several meanings (just for fun:):

  1. Dar (to give in portuguese) mata (kills in portuguese) and indeed dharmata kills who you thought you were (through education) and also, when you start giving you kill who you thought you were and what you thought to be the most important (to receive);
  2. Darmata contains darma + mata - again, when you start teaching the sacred teachings (dharma) you are no longer who you thought to be;
  3. darma + tĂĄ (done in portuguese) :dolphin:

You must be a mind reader, because I had that exact same thought after posting that post last night!

Or in Big Tech, controlling peoples hearts and minds…