I’m slowly reading my way through Lucid Surrender:THE ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL IN LUCID DREAMING by Melinda Powell. It’s quite interesting as it takes an alchemical approach to lucid dreaming. Her description of it is:

This book approaches lucid dreaming as a means to soul-awakening, a path I call ‘Lucid Surrender’™. It derives from my first-hand experience as a lucid dreamer, my professional work as a psychotherapist and my researches into lucid dreaming. The book explores themes related to surrender in dream lucidity such as the Black Light of the Lucid Void, coloured light, mirroring surfaces, wormholes, and an alchemical perspective on ever-deepening awareness. Lucid Surrender offers readers a new way to be with the unknown so they can intimately know and express the deep Mystery at the heart of life.

The path of Lucid Surrender unveils a radically new approach to exploring the realm of lucid dreaming. A must read for those who seek a direct encounter with the eternal part of their being-ness. ~Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and co-author of Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple

Melinda Powell invites us to surrender to the Black Light of lucid dreaming to discover the ‘soul medicine’ to heal and awaken. Based on her own experience of lucid dreaming, Powell relays her journey of personal growth, a growth that catalyses the soul’s essence anew. Excerpts from her dream journal allow the reader to follow her inward journey home in ways that will inspire them to explore how the Black Light may be uniquely revealed in their own dreams. ~Rosemarie Anderson, PhD, author of The Divine Feminine Tao Te Ching

This important work re-visions the widely misunderstood mystical topic of ‘Black Light’, a phenomenon described by mystics such as St. John of the Cross. Although light is not normally connected with darkness in this way, Black Light as understood by Melinda Powell is distinct in possessing a vibrant luminosity. The author, as both psychotherapist and dream guide, draws on examples from her own extraordinary capacity for dream lucidity to show how the experience of Black Light in lucid dreams can trigger a transcending of normal dream ‘reality’. Through a process that Melinda Powell calls ‘Lucid Surrender’, she reveals how immersion in the Light of pure Spirit can lead to profound spiritual awakening. ~Nigel Hamilton, PhD, Director, Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education, and author of Awakening Through Dreams: The Journey Through the Inner Landscape

With Lucid Surrender, Melinda Powell makes another valuable contribution to the field of transpersonal psychology and, more widely, to humanity. The author applies her professional experience as a psychotherapist, and her own profound capacity for transpersonal dreaming, to Carl Jung’s process of Individuation. Drawing on alchemical symbolism, she invites the reader into her visions, embodied dreams and psycho-spiritual journey, going beyond Carl Jung’s alchemical model to make readily accessible the subtle and ineffable. ~Diane Greig, PhD, Founder of the Pacific Northwest Dream Community Canada, Creator /Host of Invisible Women: The Podcast


I wonder if Andrew will interview her one day. Melinda Powell’s ‘Lucid Surrender’, Clare Johnson’s ‘Lucid Light’ experiences, ‘Void’ experiences in general and the Clear Light of Dream Yoga are they only similar or the same?
It’s something I’m very curious about.


I agree, Marlise, Melinda Powell would make a fascinating interview for Night Club.


Could not find it in the App Hoopla, but going to try to request it from the library. Read the table of Contents on Amazon. The material looks very good. Definitely agree she would make a great interview with Andrew.


Even if one’s local library system doesn’t have it, they might be able to get it for you via LINK+ (if you live in California) or Inter-Library Loan. Also a lot of libraries have a suggested purchase form, worth a shot. Another option for California residents is Zip books, where you can request a book that is available via Amazon but not the library; then the book is mailed to you and you can return it to the library whenever you want.


Purchased from Amazon, no problem.


Not in CA, I wish, Gods country out there (about a 100 parks out there on my bucket list to explore and camp). I think my library does LINK, and they definitely do the inter library loan, will check out both this week. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if you have read this book, but it immediately came to mind when I was reading the table of contents of Lucid Surrender:


Might cover content you have already learned about. It was one of the first books I read from my library on LD that really resonated with me and opened my eyes to how deep and powerful the nocturnal practices are.

Really like how she talks about the rich history of Sacred dreaming practices, temples in the ancient world, and Prodromal dreams (she brings up a case study of a woman who found out she had breast cancer in a dream).

How was the chapter in Lucid Surrender about using dreams to heal the physical body? Not sure if it was the interview Andrew did with Charlie Moorely or in one of his books or youtube videos, but somewhere Charlie mentions that one of his dreams helped him improve his vision problems by putting on a pair of Dream glasses.

Was tempted to do this too, I typically like to read a portion of the authors work before pulling the trigger.

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Wow I’m going to have to get this book. The description of the Black Light reminds me of a dream experience that I reported on elsewhere on this site where I closed my eyes in meditation in a dream and entered/became an infinite dazzling dark luminosity.