Drawing (and singing) towards super lucid dreaming

First of all thank you for being here and for having had the guidance to post about my experience with drawing and singing in the lucid-dreaming experience. The experience of collecting the data and writing this was an inspiration in itself. I had the chance to look back in my Dream Journal and see things i didn’t remember anymore. So wonderful.

It all started in a drawing course i was doing of drawing in vegetable paper (also known in English as tracing paper). i love it because it allows several layers to inter-act with one another :slight_smile:

Inspired by a dream on the 5th of January, where a friend had a bicycle and a key that was able to open the door at the first try, i felt it was somehow related to entering the portal do dreaming super-lucid (directing the dream and creating it with the power of the heart, in an environment where i can levitate, fly and do things that only happen in dreams).
7th January:

I’ve done several shamanic retreats in Italy and they have gryphons all over the place - in statues and ancient logos, so i remembered to draw two of them at the gate.
8th January:

In this period i was taking notes of dream signs on my Dream Journal very intensively. I was also saying affirmations in the hypnogogic state for remembering even more dreams (i was writing 5-6 dreams a night) :slight_smile:
I felt i was ready to open the doors
9th January:

I had learned a beautiful mediation specifically made for dreaming lucid by Charlie Morley - the circle of protectors and I felt a deep inspiration to start drawing them.
first the mermaid (or Yemanja)
10th January

I had very vivid non-lucid dreams where i was swirling and singing in water (mermaid?)
The second drawing inspired in my protectors was Kuan Yin
11th January

On the 12th i connected with Jesus and the dolphins and saw a beautiful drawing that i did for PURE FUN (i had no sense of invoking them) I love Jesus and the dolphins and loved the drawing - for me it represents that it’s the joy of life that makes it possible for us to walk upon waters :slight_smile:
with all the love in the drawings and all the layers connecting with each other, i had my first super lucid-dream where i was consciously flying.

12th January

I woke up spontaneously after my first three cycles of sleep and did my first lucid dream plan. It materialized exactly as in my lucid dream plan drawing. i had two frames and the dream had two scenes - those drawn. I experienced my first super lucid dream on the 13th of January 2023. Something inside of me shifted forever. The most significant experience was the consciousness elevation. On that day i looked at a snail’s home and realized how sleeping is directly linked to evolution - the feeling was as if i was looking at it for the first time in my life.

During this period I was singing everyday for almost one hour, having noticed that the dreams were becoming more and more vivid with this practice before sleeping, after a research about the parts of the brain that are activated when we sing: the pre-frontal cortex is one of them, which is also the responsible for dreaming lucid. This also gives a lot of good energy to the dream world.
At the moment i sing only five minutes everyday and keep having spontaneous lucid dreams. And super lucid-ones as well. Lately i don’t even have to do reality checks - i just know I’m lucid dreaming :slight_smile:


Very cool. Mermaids are powerful to call upon and I saw heavy symbology around them at a very important time in my life. When I have a chance I plan to read though your post more in depth because it has some cool ideas within it. Short on time at the moment but wanted to acknowledge the mermaid :wave:.


I like the technique and I’ll have to try it. Beautiful results from beautiful dreaming.

Marvelous! I am working on my own painting, similar in theme, for Guardians of my small area here in a small part of the country. I take a long time to do these things, but you give me inspiration.


your warmth and comments also inspire me.
thank you


Very cool art technique with the layering dream over dream. When it is finished it could almost be a flip book to go back through some old cherished memories.

Very powerful one. :+1:

As the song “spirit in the sky” goes, “gotta have a friend in Jesus” :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice, practicing all day awareness is a powerful tool to help with lucid dreaming. For me I seem to go through natural cycles where lucid dreaming happens very naturally and i have them ~ 4 days a week. Then cycles where I will have lots of non-lucid dreams and 1 or 2 lucid dreams a week.

When you say super lucid dreams so you mean where you have 100% awareness inside the dream or a hyperdetailed & hyper-realistic lucid dream?


Wow really well done. I think music and dreams is a really fascinating topic. Not uncommon to hear about songs that were inspired by or birthed by a dream.

I was wondering why when we have dreams with moving songs in them, why are we so moved by the music?

Its a question I pondered for a while. My best guess is because dreams are sound at its purest spectrum. Just like some dreams appear more real than reality, i think its becuase your mind has 20/20 vision, regardless of how well you see waking life.


So cool. You stories are really motivativing. LOVE the Jesus drawing with the dolphin staring at him and smiling :slightly_smiling_face:

Very interesting the connection between singing and dreaming, and singing activating parts of the brain. There is something very powerful in doing even just one syllable or 2 syllable vocalizations, like OMs. The vibrations of the throat seem to really benefit it and the rest of the body.


from the Tibetan tradition of Dream Yoga there are four stages of lucid-dreaming.
the forth is the Super lucid-dream where you create the dream (with a dream plan), live it lucidly, give commands and experience faculties that can only happen in dreams.


music in dreams, from my experience, gives the feeling that the music is playing us, not otherwise :slight_smile: it’s a highly spiritual and cosmic experience.


yes… OMs are incredible. Even when we are just saying them inside (not going out), the energy can be felt and flood us with wonderful energies.


I often go to sleep with a song on my mind and wake up with that same song “playing.” What is the soundtrack of the mind, I wonder?


sometimes i wake up remembering a dream and a song. with the song it’s usually an energetic feeling :slight_smile: and it’s usually music that truly inspires me. it’s a really good sign for me :slight_smile:


Understood. Glad I clarified before going into my stuff about the hyperdetailed and hyperrealistic dreamscapes.

Just wanted to add the 4 stages from what I was able to find via two different sources. If this information is incorrect I will go into a deeper dive on it and see if I can clarify any mistakes.

Four Tages of Tibetan Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga is a practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that focuses on harnessing the power of dreams for spiritual growth and awakening. It is often divided into four stages, each building upon the previous one. Here are brief summaries of each stage:

  1. Recognizing the Dream: The first stage involves developing the ability to recognize when you are dreaming. This is achieved through various practices, such as mindfulness meditation and reality checks performed during waking hours. The goal is to increase self-awareness and cultivate the habit of questioning the nature of reality, both while awake and in dreams.

  2. Stabilizing the Dream: Once you can recognize that you are dreaming, the next stage is to stabilize the dream state. Dreams can be unstable and fleeting, making it challenging to maintain lucidity. Techniques like focusing on specific dream objects, engaging the senses, or employing mantras are used to stabilize the dream and prevent waking up.

  3. Transforming the Dream: In this stage, the practitioner learns to actively participate and manipulate the dream experience. By developing control over dream scenarios, objects, or characters, one can explore the dream world with intention. This involves developing clarity of mind and the ability to consciously shape the dream environment.

  4. Merging the Dream with Reality: The final stage involves transcending the duality of dream and waking states. The practitioner seeks to recognize the dreamlike nature of waking reality and dissolve the boundaries between the two. By cultivating a sense of unity and realizing the illusory nature of phenomena, one aims to attain a state of non-dual awareness that encompasses both waking and dream experiences.


Four Stages of Dream Yoga in the Tsongkhapa’s system

Dream yoga is a suite of advanced tantric sadhana of the entwined Mantrayana lineages of Dzogchen (Nyingmapa, Ngagpa, Mahasiddha, Kagyu and Bönpo). It consists of tantric processes and techniques within the trance Bardos of Dream and Sleep (Standard Tibetan: mi-lam bardo) Six Dharmas of Naropa 1.

In Tsongkhapa’s system, dream yoga consists of four trainings:

  1. Learning to retain conscious presence during dreams
  2. Controlling and increasing dreams
  3. Overcoming fear and training in the illusory nature of dreams
  4. Meditating upon the suchness of dreams

Very cool! Inspired by your idea of drawing stuff related to dreaming on tracing paper, it feels like a perfect fit. Maybe I’ll try too. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing this!


thank you for the precision. yes, those are stages of dream yoga.
from my source (Charlie Morley) they are:

  1. recognition
  2. transformation
  3. multiplication
  4. unification

what I meant were the levels of lucidity (lucidity spectrum - same source):
level 1 - pre-lucid
level 2 - semi-lucid
level 3 - fully-lucid
level 4 - super-lucid

please excuse me for the confusion.


thank you for this information :slight_smile:
good to be in contact with other sources.


I just noticed that I wrote that I had my first super-lucid dream on the 13th but it was my second. this one though, was fully directed by me.

(sometimes I’m so fast that some little details are forgotten - the good thing is that I am a woman of details. so later, or sooner, I get to notice them)

thank you for being there. I feel supported in this adventure - also in the fascinating art of teaching about dreaming lucid.



Expanding on these from Charlie Morley.

Going to check out some of his books. I’ve never heard of him but it seems he is a well respected lucid dream instructor/writer etcetera. Thank you for your insight on this author.

Four Stages
  1. Remembering Dreams:
    The first stage is focused on improving dream recall. Many people have difficulty remembering their dreams, so this stage involves training oneself to remember dreams more consistently. Morley suggests keeping a dream journal by your bed and writing down any dream fragments or memories as soon as you wake up. This practice helps to develop your dream recall ability and builds a stronger connection to the dream world.

  2. Recognizing Dreams:
    The second stage involves learning to recognize the dream state while you’re dreaming. This is crucial for achieving lucidity. Morley suggests performing “reality checks” throughout the day, such as looking at your hands and asking, “Am I dreaming?” By making this a habit, it carries over into your dreams, and you’re more likely to question your reality while dreaming. This stage also includes practicing mindfulness and being present in the waking state, which can carry over into the dream state.

  3. Stabilizing Dreams:
    Once you become aware that you’re dreaming, the next stage is focused on stabilizing the dream state. Lucid dreams can sometimes be unstable or short-lived, causing people to wake up quickly. In this stage, Morley suggests engaging the senses within the dream. This includes rubbing your hands together, touching objects, feeling textures, and observing details in the dream environment. By engaging the senses, you create a stronger connection to the dream world and increase the likelihood of staying lucid for a longer duration.

  4. Exploring and Intention:
    The final stage is about exploring and setting intentions within the dream state. Once you’ve achieved lucidity and stabilized the dream, Morley suggests using your lucid dreams as a platform for personal growth, self-discovery, and even spiritual practice. This can involve experimenting with dream control, setting specific goals or intentions for your lucid dreams, and exploring the dream world to gain insights and expand your consciousness.


Four States
  1. Pre-Lucid:
    The term “pre-lucid” refers to a state in which there is a partial awareness that one is dreaming, but full lucidity has not yet been achieved. In this stage, the dreamer may have some sense that the dream is not entirely real or may exhibit moments of questioning the dream state. However, they may not have full control over their actions or understanding of the implications of being in a dream.

  2. Semi-Lucid:
    “Semi-lucid” is another term used to describe a level of lucidity that is intermediate between pre-lucidity and full lucidity. In a semi-lucid dream, the dreamer has a greater level of awareness and control compared to a pre-lucid dream but may still have moments of confusion or limited control over the dream environment. They may be partially aware that they are dreaming and have some ability to influence the dream but not to the extent of complete lucidity.

  3. Fully Lucid:
    “Fully lucid” refers to the highest level of awareness and control within a dream. In a fully lucid dream, the dreamer is completely aware that they are dreaming and can exercise full control over their actions, decisions, and the dream environment itself. They can consciously manipulate the dream, change the dream’s storyline, and engage in various activities with a high degree of intentionality and awareness.

  4. Super Lucid (I couldn’t find much on this exact term but I imagine it is a step beyond fully lucid with superior dream control)

This term can represent a state of heightened awareness and control that goes beyond regular lucidity. In a super lucid dream, the dreamer experiences a profound level of clarity, focus, and mastery within the dream state. They may have an enhanced sense of presence, perception, and control over the dream environment. This term suggests an advanced level of lucidity that transcends the usual boundaries of dream experiences and offers extraordinary potential for exploration, personal growth, and even accessing higher states of consciousness within the dream realm.


Absolutely. I have learned to pay very close attention to dreams where there is music playing, in at least 3 cases they happened at the very end of the dream, the dreams ended up being Precognitive or Premonition dreams.

Last summer, the song at the beginning of this movie played at the end of a dream I had about a newborn:


Worth watching the first 5min if you havent seen before, very good.

The next day I found out my cousin gave birth 5 months premature to a baby girl. She was healthy, but had to be put on ventilator until her lungs developed.


thank you so much for your sharing.
I copied the text and will look on it when i have more time.

Charlie Morley was my first teacher on this subject. I learned A LOT with him.
Another teacher with whom I learned a lot is Jade Shaw on Astral projection. They both are Epic in their distinctions and experience. They both write scientific papers in this area of dreaming lucid and experiencing out of the body journeys.

There is another author with whom i also learned some interesting things - he was the first person to confirm that when we close eyes in a lucid dream, we come back. I also learned with him about mirrors: that we can enter them and access other dimensions when dreaming lucid. He’s Spanish: Enrique Ramos. All these three authors have had training and I think all of them were also teaching some time at the Epic Monroe Institute.