Lucid Waking

Here’s a thought…

By accepting the fact that both the waking state and the dream state are equally illusory, and achieving full lucidity in both, we then have the option to turn lucid dreaming on its head. For the purpose of this exercise I am equating lucidity with non-dual and empty awareness, an awareness that transcends subject and object (rigpa) .

Instead of transforming the dream, we can choose to remain observational in the dream state, gaining valuable insight. We can then further choose to use that insight to become transformational in the waking state.


I believe it is useful to observe one’s thoughts in this state to hopefully see them unencumbered by social conventions and training, as they may represent the unconscious impulses that power thinking in the daytime.


This would be practicing Vipassana meditation during lucid dreaming, right?


More like practicing Vipassana meditation or Inner Heat Yoga during WILD and entering the dream in a state of rigpa…and then attending to the dream in that state of pure awareness.