Meditation session for Monday, May 24

Hello. I see that the the recording for Monday’s meditation session hasn’t been posted as yet. Is there another way to access this – some URL where it lives before it is cleaned up and posted? Thanks, Steve


Hi @Scena - you can always check the #meditation-group category here in the Community - we post there within 24hrs of the live event before we make any edits.

Here’s a link to session #16 on May 24th -


Thanks, Andy. I checked under EVENTS> Meditation Group> Recordings for the entire week following the session, and it was never there. So, you’re saying if on Tuesday I go to…


I will find it.


Correct. Don’t check the website on Tuesday, because it takes us about 3-5 days to post recorded sessions to the website.

Check the NC Community, in this case, the #meditation-group category, as we post recordings in the Community within 24 hours (often much sooner) after an event.

Great! That really helps. All the best, Andy. Steve

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