Monday meditation

Hi, I’m not able to be online for the new Monday meditation due to time differences. I haven’t been able to find the recording yet. Could someone direct me to where on the site it is please? Or has it not been released yet? Thank you :blush:


Was a good introduction to his goals for the Monday meditations and a very good introductory meditation to begin the adventure. It’s for paid members (Emerald) and linked here.


Thanks for posting the link @_Barry!

@Sujata, sorry you didn’t hear about it sooner! We sent out some emails about it - the new website upgrades (coming soon) will make it much easier to NOT miss new events.

@Andrew wanted to make the first session free to everyone - so here is a direct link to the recording of session #1

Here’s a link where you can learn more about the Meditation Group and join! - Join Meditation Group - Night Club

@Sarah as an Emerald member you will have access to all the live and recorded sessions. We post the recorded sessions shortly after the live session ends in the NC Community - so always best to check here first. #meditation-group

It takes us a bit longer to post on the website - usually about 2-3 days after the live event ends we post on the website.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy to help!


Thanks Andy,
I’m just checking that I don’t need to sign up if I am already a member. Is that right? Because when I went to sign up I was led to paypal.
Thanks, Sarah

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Hi @sarah sent you a PM to share your membership details :slight_smile:

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Sorry to ask you again. I’m so happy with the info you send me.
I can see that on Monday there was a meditation session. Andrew talked about it. I thought there is a recording of it, but I can’t activate it. Can you give me a little help
Kind regards,

Joost Goemans The Netherlands