Hey how do you get into webinar #46 I can't figure it out?

I’m trying to get into Webinar Series [#46]: Stages of Dream Yoga [Part 4] “Exploring Stage Three” with Andrew Holecek
It bring me all over the place but not to the Webinar! yikes

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I believe you have to be an Emerald member.

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Is the recording available yet? I’m in a different time zone, so recordings really helps.

Hey @Dogwood sorry for the inconvenience.

The way to access the live Webinar is via the NC Website (or from here in the Community).

Make sure you’re logged into the NC website first…

Then hover over the “Events” tab in the main menu dropdown and click on “Webinar Series”.

It will take you to this page → https://nightclub.andrewholecek.com/members/webinar-series

You’ll see a big button right away that says “Join Live”. That button will take you directly to the Zoom call. Or you can scroll down on the page and find more information for joining the Zoom (i.e. meeting ID and dial-in number).

You can repeat this process for accessing any of our live events (i.e. Virtual Hangouts, Movie Night, Ask the Sleep Doctor, etc.)

To access the Zoom from (here) the NC Community - click on the “Categories” tab and then scroll to find the “Webinar Series” category. You’ll see written in the category description is the “Zoom Link”.

I hope this helps going forward!

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