Webinar Dream Yoga

I’ll try again in this category to ask when the last webinar on dreamyoga will be uploaded. I am waiting very much for it. Thank you for answering.

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I just sent a reminder not to our tech support Karin –


Just a quick reminder that the Dream Yoga webinar has still not been uploaded. I really wait for it every day. Especially for us Europeans it is usually not possible to be there live. Usually, however, the recording can be found in the NightClub shortly afterwards. It always worked out very well for the Book study group.


Hey Karin!

Isn’t this webinar in the link below the latest one? I missed it as well. This latest webinar is about following our fear and the lesson is to not run away from the fear. In the previous lesson before this one, Andrew asked us to transform things (make our hands bigger etc).


Thank you so much. The link does still not show up at its suggested place but with your help I could now watch the recording.

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