Can't find recording of Stage 5 Dream Yoga

I know that there should have been a Webinar(Zoom) two or three weeks ago.
The last recording in the Webinar Series is Part 4 from 7/27/2021.
Is there another link available?
Thanks for any help!


Hi Marlise!

I’ve provided a link for all the recordings with Stage 5 at the top. Reference this link each time.

I hope this helps.

  • Chantal

Thank you Chantal!
It is very confusing for me (and I think for others too) that I can’t find the latest updates of the recordings on my usual web page: “
This started as Andy left. Do you have any ‘connection’ to mention this to Alyssa?

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You’re welcome Marlise! I’m tagging @AlyssaModerator here (I hope this is her :sweat_smile:).

I’d personally love to see them include recent uploads as links in the weekly emails so it’s a quick reference. I check my emails more than the community page etc.

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You were right @c_scerri, its me!

Thank you guys for letting me know. I’ve recently started doing more on this platform, as I was primarily zoom before, so it’s helpful to hear from you guys with stuff like this! Let me see what I can figure out!


Just wanted to let you guys know this has been taken care of!

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