More success with Dream Incubation

Last night I had one of the most prodcutive dream nights since I started journaling. 2 dreams stood out in particular:

The first was one about Avatar 2. I had seen the movie yesterday, and was hoping that it might stimulate a lucid dream. No LD, but it did produce a scene on a beach and in the water that involved the blue aliens. Pretty cool.

Before going to bed yesterday I put on Andrews meditation video #101, and listened while drifting off to sleep. In it he mentions putting your hand on your heart and feeling your current state fully.

In the dream, I was on the second floor of a building/apartment. It was night, and I wanted to go and meditate in the large meditation room there. However I could hear there were several monks in there chanting, and I wanted to meditate in silence, so I decided not to go :upside_down_face:. (Big mistake!) I stayed in the room I was in and put my hand on my heart and for a brief meditation, then got distracted.

Was really hoping that I could have tryed to do a deep and long mediation, but was very happy to see that the 2 events from the day before, carried over into the dream world. Definitely very encouraging.


This is great! Hope you continue to have success with dream incubation. Meditating in a dream is something I want to do as well. Can totally understand wanting to do it alone, though chanting with a bunch of monks sounds like a groove too.

Did you mean to incubate these dreams about the movie and meditation, or did they just sort of happen by accident?


The movie yes, the meditation no. And for the movie I did not do that incubation during the liminal state, I did it a few times during the night after watching it, and had hopes before watching it that I would have dreams about it and become lucid in the dreams bc of the alien characters.

The meditation dream I think was incubated indirectly because I was watching andrews meditation video # 101, and I fell asleep halfway through it, waking up towards the end to shut down my comp and go back to bed.


Too bad you weren’t lucid. Be cool to talk to an alien. From what I’ve read about lucid dreaming, the ability to become lucid by noticing incongruencies with your daily life (like aliens or being able to breathe underwater or having a partner when you’re single) comes with continued dedicated practice. So keep it up! It will come. :smile:

It’s funny how that works. They say your last thoughts before falling asleep determine what you dream about. I guess this is why dream yogins emphasize the importance of having sattvic thoughts while falling asleep. Meditating in a dream is actually one of my goals too. Maybe I’ll use this method during the next meditation group! :laughing:


I am coming to believe these “determining thoughts” are more my unconscious thoughts that fuel most dreams, at least that’s the way mine seem to unfold. My aim is to work more on those unconscious thoughts, if possible, since I can never remember even getting close to the sleeping state before I fall asleep. Maybe self-hypnosis can be useful?

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