Movie Suggestion: "Lucy", with Scarlett Johanssen

If you can make it through the first 30 minutes, the rest of the film is Matrix meets Breaking Bad, with very dream-like FX (and a minor supporting role for Morgan Freeman).


I forgot how awesome this movie is:

I never watched it fully, but I own the dvd, bought it from walmart for $5 in a 2 movie set, he other being Aomic Blond, which is a personal favorite of mine.

Talk about two ‘femme fatales’ on the high end of the spectrum!

If you want a classic tha deals wih the ones on the lower end of the spectrum, check out another peronal favorite:

Basic Instinct

These apex preditors are lurking among us, hidden in plain sight:

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I agree with NightHawk. Atomic Blonde has an extra layer to it that puts it pretty high on the list. This scene is worth the price of the popcorn:

This is pretty good too:


I almost watched Ghost in the Shell (2017) last night but balked at the Tomato rating. Then I realized you guys were talking about Atomic Blonde, a totally different movie. I’ll give it a go this weekend.


Different “Blonde Bombshells” starred in each. Atomic Blonde takes no prisoners and certainly deserves a sequel!


I dont think you will be disappointed.


That will be one tough act to follow.