Please Interview . . . .

Kristen LaMarca. She’s an excellent resource person and skilled facilitator for lucid dreaming experiences.


I’m pretty sure there is a video on utube of Andrew interviewing Kristen. The interview was just last year.

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I’ll check for it, thanks.


Or an expert on jungian dynamics. In particular, the Anima and Animus, and how to own and integrate them. Also projection and ‘we attract what we put out’.

(I saw a talk on the Shadow, need to find it. :heart: Shadow Work - imma scorpio! - but want to see what I can’t see still…)

As a woman in a career driven society, I’ve walked around with “fake pants on”. No longer in that role, I’m pretty sure I’m not in touch with my inner feminine OR masculine.

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Is there already an interview with Tenzin Wangyal available?

And Michael Katz would also be perhaps a very interesting interview partner.


Hey @_Barry you may have seen it but here’s the interview between @Andrew and @kristenlamarca for Night Club:

Andrew interviewed @kristenlamarca a while back: Lucid Dream Nightmare Therapy, Sleep State Misperception, Imagery Rehearsal Therapy, and Much More! | Interview with Kristen LaMarca, Phd