Request for more diversity in guest interviews

I’m really enjoying the stellar interviews on the website so far! That said, I hope to see more diversity in the guest interview lineup going forward.

Speaking as a straight, white, male, cisgendered person, I’d like to see a lot more people who don’t look like me in the guest lineup. I’ve been thinking a lot about what @aholecek recently said about the value of stepping outside of your comfort zone. I think there are strong (related) arguments to be made for stepping outside of one’s demographic zone.

Given that Night Club is strongly based in integral philosophy, I don’t think I have to explain the importance of seeking out diverse perspectives…right? But there’s theory and then there’s practice. I’ve had to deliberately cultivate “seeking diverse perspectives” in my own life to overcome personal and societal biases in what voices I’m exposed to by default – an ongoing and imperfectly achieved process. I’m hoping a similar process will be part of the “DNA” of this site as well.

Again, I love the interviews that have appeared so far. I’m grateful for the fascinating content here and very interested in witnessing and being part of the evolution of this site.



Taking over for Arthur as a late-poster. How about interviewing Sergio Magaña from Mexico who gave an excellent interview about his Toltec tradition of lucid dreaming at the recent Lucid Dream Summit? He and Charlie Morley have presented together before and he is an important resource person who I’d like to hear in a discussion with @Andrew. His view is non-Eastern, non-Western and therefore he and Andrew could really explore “new territory” for most of us listeners. My brother is a student of Sergios, so I know enough about him to want to hear more. One of Sergio’s suggestions for lucid dreaming is to talk to your feet and ask it to take you with the eagle to this place . . Obviously, more to it, but I liked his take on several topics.