Private Podcast Feed for Guest Interviews

We’re happy to announce that Night Club will now be providing a Private Podcast feed for our @Premium_Plan Members to listen to the full guest #interviews!

This means that members will now be able to listen to (and download) all our Guest Interviews in iTunes, Downcast, or copy the RSS feed and paste it into your favorite podcast player.

We’re in the final steps of adding the #interviews to this new private feed. All @Premium_Plan members will receive an email invitation in the coming days to gain access to this private feed.

Thanks to everyone who submitted this request - and we appreciate your patience as we bring this added benefit to our community :slight_smile:


Perfect! Downloading the episodes to my phone then playing it over the player was workerable but this sounds way better :smiley: :call_me_hand:t4:


That’s great news, thanks.



The Private Podcast Feed for Guest Interviews is now live! Head over to the #interviews:private-podcast-feed to learn more!