Soundcloud -- any advice on setting this up to listen to Night Club playlists on my phone?

Does anyone have advice or (better yet) detailed instructions on how to use SoundCloud to listen to Night Club playlists on my Android phone and/or iPad?

I have been unable to find any instructions on how to do this on Night Club so far, and initial playing around with SoundCloud has been confusing and frustrating.

I liked the previous podcast system that Andy set up – instructions were emailed out to Night Club users and when I reached out to him about difficulty I was having implementing them, he walked me through it. Once I had it set up, my podcast app would inform me when new episodes were uploaded. It was very convenient.

Now, based on links recently posted by @Night.Club in response to questions raised in the Interview Series - Charley Morly thread, plus the fact that new interviews have not been showing up on my podcast app, I’m inferring that the old podcast system is no longer being supported, and that SoundCloud (a service I’ve never used) is now the only podcast-like option). But I have no idea how to set up SoundCloud to listen to an interview series on a paid subscription service like Night Club. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just clicked on the link to SoundCloud. It opened the page to download the app. I downloaded the app and opened it. It automatically opened to the list of Night Club recorded offerings. I’m using an Android cell for this.

Hope this helps!

PS: the link to Sound Cloud that I refer to is in the comment just above yours in the thread called : Charley Morley Interview Series , support. I made an account upon downloading and opening SoundCloud of course …then it went directly to the Nightclub list

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Thanks lauragecko. I have played around with SoundCloud some more, and it’s starting to make more sense. It works somewhat differently than my other podcast apps, but it’s starting to look like I can use it in a very similar way, so I’m currently feeling cautiously optimistic about this. :slight_smile:

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