Looking for a better way to replay classes on iPhone

So I’m looking for a decent way to play back the audio files for meditation classes on my iPhone. If I just play in Safari the browser doesn’t remember my position if I come back a day later. If I open the Soundcloud app I can’t access the premium content. I was able to download audio files for interviews and play them in the Pocket Casts app, but I if I download meditation classes they actually won’t open in Pocket Casts or another audiobook player I have. Any suggestions to get a better UX? Is there maybe a problem with the meditation class files that causes them not to work with other iPhone apps? Any suggestions or additional options would be much appreciated :pray:. An ideal setup by the way would be if I could somehow just access the premium content in an app like Soundcloud or Podcasts.


I’ve had the same issues regarding not being able to save my position on the audio files. I end up just re-listening to the same parts over and over again and sometimes it ends up being a good thing.


I usually watch and listen to them online so I can repeat parts as I like in addition to accessing the transcripts, while not perfect, allow searching for specific information.

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