September 11

If you have watched the first episodes of Season 1 of this television documentary, you need to. Its very painful to view, but very important in order to keep fresh the memories of those we lost:


Season 1 episode 1 (free):

Its one of the best TV series I have ever seen (if not the best). It is very Graphic, and horrifing at times, but I believe it is important for All American adults to watch.

Here is the trailer:

May you Rest In Peace all you innocent and brave souls.


Pretty cool synchronicity:

I opened Disney +, and this show was the first on the list of recommended stuff. If you have the app, I would highly highly reccomend yall watching the first episode of season 1.

The Part with the Irish guy & his sister is really moving. :pray:


Unfortunately, I think we’ve mostly forgotten . . .


Unfortunately, I think you are right :frowning_face:

The episodes are painful to watch, so I can understand why most people would not want to think about this tragic part of our history.

Episode 2 of Season 1 is a must watch too.

I really recomend you all watch the full episode, but if thats not possible, make sure you watch around the 19min 30 second mark, with EARNEST ARMSTEAD the Emergency Medical Specialist.


2023, 22 years since 9/11. 1985, 22 years since JFK was murdered. I remembered that day then and now, as if it were yesterday. Still think it was a conspiracy, or at least more than one gunman. 1961, when Kennedy was inaugurated on my birthday, it was 20 years from Pearl Harbor, and those alive and conscious when it happened, certainly remembered it and commemorated the event in a way that was appropriate for the memory of all who died on that day, and in that war. Generational touchstones!


Me too. Someone stood to profit big off of his death. Weather it was the Mob, or political rivals, or another country, I dont know.

All I can say is the USA has dark history of murdering or overthrowing political leaders in other countries.

Speaking of murder for profit, have you seen these trailers? The movie looks like its going to be really good:

“Greed is an animal that hungers for blood”

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Waiting to watch it when the price drops to rent, the trailers look A+++

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