Social Intimacy & Physical Distancing [#14] – Recorded on 7/09/2020

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In this time of isolation and stress, it’s helpful to feel connected to others. What we need is social intimacy and physical distancing.

On Thursdays at 1:00 pm Mountain Time, Andrew will be offering free weekly online meetings to share teachings appropriate for this time, and to respond to questions from the community.

We’ll talk about how to work with anxiety, fear, isolation, insomnia, heartbreak, uncertainty, and sickness – for starters. Andrew will continue to offer these weekly gatherings for as long as they are helpful. Practices appropriate to this situation will also be offered.

This is a free event and all are welcome to join and participate!

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(amateur hacks on original images provided by:


(after a minor gestation period)

A monkey in a house with 5 windows, jumping from window to window

The house = mind/experience
The monkey (or insert animal of choice) = “I”
The windows = there are actually 6, not 5 (sense consciousnesses)

Depending on the inner architecture of the house (or would that be construction? or better yet: destruction?) of the house, there might be 8 windows.

Words - pointers to contextualize experience (throw into form?)
Houses with monkeys in them - a Zoo

Just kidding.

Houses with monkeys in them - pointers to contextualize more subtle experience (using words, the ‘more gross’ pointers)

If you want to play:
write or say “gross” twenty times - typed, written, or spoken out loud.

Yes folks, I am having a “spiritual moment” :upside_down_face:


At least you’re remembering your dreams :innocent:?

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