🦁 The History of Pure Land Buddhism (Lion's Roar)

I liked this background information so I thought I’d share it, given the recent Holececk retreats.

From the article: Early Orientalist scholars of Buddhism working under colonialism had little interest in the diversity and vitality of living Buddhist cultures. Instead, they cherry-picked the Buddhist teachings to fit their own modernist, Protestant worldview.

This ahistorical perspective on Buddhism—a “Buddhism” created by and for European intellectuals—was then used to criticize living Buddhist cultures. These scholars believed that Mahayana Buddhism in general, but especially the Pure Land teachings, were a perverse distortion of the buddhadharma (as they defined it).

Sadly, this attitude is still widely seen. Pure Land Buddhism is arguably the most commonly practiced form of Buddhism in the world. Yet in English-language academic and popular writing it is largely ignored, or wholly misunderstood.


Barry, this image does not do the statue justice, I thought it was a fake pick, have to google search it and was blown away by how big it actually is. WOW

So beautiful. Its really amazing how many giant temples and statues there are all over Asia and the Philippines. Completely different world!


helps to have human bodies for scale

What a masterpiece!


so cool


Thanks for sharing @_Barry good read and very interesting!

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the article you shared here is no longer available…

Today I have signed up for the online workshop about the Pure Lands… in May… :heart_eyes:
Will you also be there @_Barry ?
If yes, perhaps we could create a new thread here about it… :rose: with contents that we are allowed to share…


I’ve taken two of the previous ones with Andrew, so I am not sure if I will, but a thread on this topic is always welcome, with always much to learn and relearn to go deeper.


As a teacher I always find it extremely helpful (to me) to helping others… When I first learn, sharing it with others, is highly inspiring for me. It also shows me my true drive… I only teach what truly touches me!
If you get to do this one, please let me know. If not, I will create a thread on my own then! :rose: :pray:t3: