The Lens of Awareness

A few nights ago I sat with a teacher. Before he left the dream he told me to “be the lens”.

It has taken a few days for that lesson to coalesce in my mind but this morning, during a pre-dawn walk in dense fog, I stood out in a dark field and finally put words to the concept.

Under the lens of pure awareness boundaries dissolve, form becomes formless, and the true illusory nature of all phenomena is revealed.

I’m just wondering how that lands with folks.


It is. When I talk to myself out there…and I do…it is done in whispers.


I consider it to be “the pause” between thoughts with all sorts beautiful things arising.


Have you seen Andrew’s domino demonstration? The further apart you put the dominos, the less chance one hits the other. As in thinking, the longer the pause, the less one will be streaming thoughts willy-nilly, the more you rest in a momentary pause, getting longer and longer.

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I like to think of that as abiding in the space between moments. Existing in that space within the infinite moment is like hearing the silence in all sounds.