Morning Thoughts

…from nocturnal meditations…

Step out of the infinite moment and witness its ceaseless unfolding.

Witness that unfolding from a lucid perspective in both the waking state and the dream state.

The waking state is the collective dream of all sentient beings.

The dream state is then a dream within an dream.

Thoughts on those thoughts?


You have to step out of it to witness it? Couldn’t it be step into it? Then we are aware that both the waking and dream state are essentially no different. I struggle to square this circle of conceptual understanding, so forgive me.

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I have been working with this concept for quite a while from your perspective, my friend, as in…“abide in the ceaseless unfolding of the infinite moment”.

But last night I realized that by staying in the moment…even in the infinite moment…we are staying in the dream as a part of the dream. By stepping out of it we can be even more aware of both states but from the perspective of what Evans-Wentz refers to as “The Divine Mind” in Book II of “Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines”.

I’m thinking that perspective might be like witnessing Samboghakaya and Nirmanakaya from Dharmakaya. Hmmmm…maybe a Turiyatita perspective.

Feels like a tough place to abide in though.

Elsewhere in the above referenced text Evans-Wentz describes that brief moment of clear light awareness as, “equal to the time elapsed between the cutting through of the first and the second of three hundred banana leaves, piled one upon another, when, at a single stroke, a sword cuts through all of them”.

In order to abide there I think we need to somehow step right out of time as we know it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to contemplate this, but that’s good!

Me too… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I touched something very deep in meditation this morning. It caused me to jot this down:

The true nature of mind is an extension of the underlying essence; that which hosts spacetime and all perceived reality

It feels a bit like being the drop in and ocean, as @Kimberlyama so perfectly put it, but a primordial ocean of energetic emptiness.

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