Q+A w/Andrew | 91 | March 9th, 2023

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 91 | March 9th, 2023

  • What is that queasy striving feeling that saturates dreams?

  • What simple practice(s) can I do on a daily, ongoing basis (alongside the demands of a new baby) to ease my fear of death and to learn to love my daughter with less clinging?

  • I have a concern regarding dream states, and the idea of the Bardo states-between states. My concern is that in different states -how do I deal with things that I am not aware of?

  • Will Dr. Holecek offer a week-long retreat in his Graceful Exit/Graceful Entry/Death and the Art of Dying series at Drala Mountain Center in August?

  • Can you expand on the differences, in particular with examples of dreams that arise from transpersonal karmic traces?

  • When starting out on your dream yoga journey, is it okay to use the beginning stages of your journey to use lucid dreaming to pursue your desires (in an ethical way of course) and work through your desire systems before diving deeper into the more spiritual and transformative work? Is this a legitimate way to start your dream yoga practice or should you focus just on the spiritual stuff from the beginning?

  • I was wondering if you’ll be offering any dream yoga retreats?

  • In terms of phenomenology, are there any explanations for the difference between the dreaming state and the waking state? Why is the dreaming state private and intermittent, while the waking state seems to be shared with others and consistent?


Looking forward to that interview John Dupre (not sure if I spelled that right) about brain wave entrainment. I’m been thinking about taking a deeper look at brain entrainment.

Also appreciated the answer to my question. Gave me a lot to chew on. The phenomenological difference between waking and dreaming lies in our response to these different states, not so much the states themselves. That kinda blew my mind a bit. Also love that book about animal cognition he recommended, need to take a look at that.

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You can find that interview here: https://edgeofmindpodcast.com/john-dupuy-an-exploration-of-the-principles-of-intoxication-addiction-and-sobriety/


Thanks for directing me in the right direction! This looks like a great resource, and on a question that’s recently come up for me too.