The link to the discount code isn’t working. The one for the Oct - Nov dream yoga workshop. Help please!:)

discount fur upcoming workshop

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Hi @Kelly ,

We’ll look into this for you. Thanks for letting us know.

Kelly, Please continue all the way through the shopping cart, click on “Check Out” then you will see the page where you can put in the discount code. Thanks!

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Actually, the link to access the coupon for the Mago retreat seems to be broken. Members | Night Club

The discount code for the two three day weekend retreats worked for me after going to the checkout. The Sedona Mago retreat, unfortunately, is not discounted because it is not a Night Club sponsored event (they’re just using our talent :grinning:)

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Ah, I see. Thanks very much.

Hi Brian - The link I’m referring to is the one on the “members hub” not the field to enter the code on the checkout page. When I click the hyperlink “Get the Code” on the members hub page it goes to a page that says “oops, page doesn’t exist” or something similar. :upside_down_face: