Passcode for Dream Yoga Book Club (CANCELLED)

Can’t join Book Club because there is no passcode that I can find. Anyone know how to join?


Same! I don’t know who else to contact?

I cannot call or view video I dont have the passcode either

hopefully someone will catch on that some of us need one

Per phone meeting has not yet started.
Edit: It also asked for a passcode.

I sent an email in response, I am an Emerald member and do not have a passcode as well

Can’t get in either… I imagine no one can and they’ll figure out the problem

same! i emailed but havent heard back

I have the same issue here. :slight_smile:

maybe the people who got a link after direct pay can get in. glad to finally stumble across this thread to see i am not the only one. sent email as well, …

Same here. Also not able to join meeting.

I’m new to Night Club and registered for the book club. I didn’t receive and can’t find a passcode. I hope it’s resolved soon.

Seems we’re all in the same boat

I’m sorry everyone! I’m working on figuring out what happened so we can avoid this in the future!

Haha. I’m locked out too. This is a dream. At least we are all in this together and I don’t have to take it personally.


I wondered where everyone was! It showed only me in the group and I thought everyone was just late. Darn technology, I’m on it though !

in my experience, when people register for a zoom event, they get a direct maybe, for those night clubbers, who didn’t need to register…they need the pass code in a separate email

No I got the link but no passcode so Something else is going on fran

These things happen. There are clearly some obstacles!

I am a new Night Club member, paid and joined on Monday Jan 3. When I clicked on the link to join the Dream Yoga Book Club at 6 pm this evening, I received a Zoom message indicating the host hadn’t yet started the meeting. I tried again several times, including just now at 7:24 pm, but still got the same message. Please advise at your earliest convenience.
Thank you, Karen

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