Joining Book Group

Hello All, I am new to the Community. I joined Night Club with the coupon offered at the end of Andrew’s and Bob Thurman’s 13-15 January 22 workshop. When I try to sign up for the Book Group I am directed to the membership page. I am wondering, might someone have information about how I can move forward with joining the Book Group?
Thank you so much, I am so pleased to be joining the Community.


Welcome to the club.

On the home page there are 6 links. One is for the book Study group. It also has past recordings of the meetings you can view.

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Thank you Nighthawk.

When I click on Book Group it takes me to the Book Group page to sign up. When I select Log In I am taken to the Membership page.

A Bot message appeared saying new members are not granted immediate access, so perhaps I need to wait a few day. another possibility is that it has something to do with the coupon. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I appreciate the help!


this may be a glitch in the website, or something that @AlyssaModerator can help you fix.

I think you will find the material very rewarding once you can get access to it.

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Thanks for tagging me!

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Hi @Oraise-cho
I am so sorry you’re having issues! Can you send me your email address in a private message so I can check on this for you?