The Practice of Emptiness in Islam and Buddhism (online Jul 23 - Jul 24)

Thought this program might be of interest to some NC members:

The Practice of Emptiness in Islam and Buddhism

Instructor(s): Bhikkhu Anālayo, Amer Latif

This program explores the central place of emptiness in Islamic and Buddhist thought and practice. Emptiness, in both traditions, is neither a vacuity nor a thing. Emptiness is a paradoxical fullness which, when practiced and embodied, allows us to experience the richness of possibilities and relationships.

This program will lead participants on an arc through four dimensions of emptiness in Islam and Buddhism. We will begin at the material level, meditating on the emptiness of the Kaaba, Rumi’s teachings on the emptiness of the ney flute, and perspectives on the emptiness of space from early Buddhist teachings. The second dimension will be a consideration of the mirror as an illustration of the empty nature of the heart-mind. Our third focus will be on the relationship between nothingness and the ineffability of the real, of God, the reality that cannot be named. We will end by exploring what emptiness can teach us about embodiment and facing death.