Upcoming *Dream Sharing Group* Meetup on Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm EST

The next Dream Sharing Group will meet on Tuesday, March 24th at 5:00pm MST (7pm EST | 11pm GMT).

All Night Club members are welcome to participate!

Click here to register for the event:

Dream sharing can be a powerful avenue for strengthening our community, for learning how to honor and treasure our dreams, and for having fun.

Many traditional societies talk about their dreams every morning at breakfast, and because of this heightened relationship to dreams, the members of these societies have a richer dream life.

It is in this traditional spirit that an official dream sharing platform is now being offered on Night Club. Check it out, or better yet, share your dreams!

This is an online event (so members can join from anywhere) hosted with Zoom. Video is optional.

We have scheduled three (3) Dream Sharing Group meetups per month - with the flexibility to add more based on demand. We have a schedule available on our website for members to see upcoming meetup times and to register for upcoming events (click here).

More information about the Dream Sharing Group, including ‘what to expect’, ‘how to participate’, and a run-down of group rules and conduct can be found here.