Virtual Hangout [#38] - Recorded on 1/7/2021

Replay Hangout #38 on Zoom:

Access the transcriptVirtual Hangout #38


So the transcriptions will be made available at a later time, as well? Any details on NightClub 2021?

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Hey @_Barry - here’s the (unedited) transcript for hangout #38 - Virtual Hangout #38

Yes - we plan to provide transcripts for all events (past + future) - and make them available!

Ultimately we’re thinking we’ll rely on the help of NC members to edit the transcripts where the translations are inaccurate - and offer some sort of benefit for this help!

NC 3.0 (or as you called it 2021 - I like that too) is in the works and will likely roll-out in the next few weeks. It will include a totally revamped experience for members, with the goal of making it much easier to navigate, utilize, and optimize the offerings on the NC site!

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