Virtual Hangout [#43] - Recorded on 2/11/2021

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A few of the questions that were addressed during this hangout:

  • Andrew-in the last book study group meeting you’d indicated that you would share a dream you experienced, today (the next virtual hangout). Can you share it today? Many thanks.

  • Can we say sleep yoga is deep meditation while lying down? Thank you And that a master doesn’t go unconscious because their gross body and mind are not tired, so they can remain aware for long periods of time?

  • Hi Andrew, I would love it if you could please give me some ideas for completing a few dream goals that I have. I would love to perfect a technique which would allow me to use a door for example, as a portal to transport me to a predetermined location. Also revisiting a memory sounds interesting to me. My attempts with portals so far have not led me to my location in mind. Do you have any tips or techniques which could help me? Many thanks

  • I’ve heard you mention this before, so I wanted to see if you could talk a little more about the winds (rLung, vayu) entering the central channel. I am wondering about what signs go along with it. I know there are visual signs like colors, so I am wondering what colors and what do they correspond to? Are there other signs, too? I am interested in a road map of these experiences.

  • Sometimes I have what I call a tactile lucid dream. If I for example take hold of someone’s arm, then the physical sensations of doing so are exactly the same as I would have felt in the daytime. The intensity of the sensation invariably shocks me awake! How can I avoid being woken up in this way? Thanks.

  • Hi Andrew, Does mastering one’s prana accelerate the deepening of realization? How does Chinese neigong compare with Tibetan energy work?

  • If certain brainwave frequencies are conducive to REM, such as Theta ( or is it Alpha?); and maybe Delta for Clear Light, what is your regard for binaural brainwave entrainment recordings? What about brainwave entrainment devices such as the HeartMath EmWave device? Any to recommend? Thank you very much!

  • Andrew - The subtext of your book “Dream Yoga” is panic - when you experienced emptiness - both in college as related in the Prologue (“shut down the experience” p XVI) and on page 236 - “panic and wake myself up”. Stepping in emptiness -(at STAGES 5.0 in Terri O’Fallon’s model) brings on existential panic. But between the time you wrote “Dream Yoga” - in 2015? and you wrote your new book - in 2019/20, you apparently overcame your existential panic when your Inner/Subtle Body died (“Preparing to Die” page 81). How did you overcome your panic reaction to “formlessness” and move into the Dzogchen/Dharmakaya zone? :slight_smile: take care

  • Andrew - I am curious about when you moved from “localized awareness” - within the Subtle body - to non-localized awareness/Awakened Awareness/Rigpa. Did you receive a clear transmission/pointing out or did a teacher say “that experience - that was a little flame of awakening - a glimpse of Rigpa”. And did you receive instructions about how to turn this “state” (temporary) Rigpa into “stage” (stable) Rigpa? And if you did, would you share this with us? take care

  • You spoke about how important it was to attain merit. Can you riff on exactly how to do that? I assume it means being a good person: honest, giving etc. Does it include meditation? Are there some things I may not expect that would attain merit in the Buddhist tradition? Thank you for being so generous with your time and wisdom. I loved the first meditation class and look forward to more.


The questions are amazing! It’s a good idea to list out the questions addressed in the hangout. It helps to get a gist. Thank you.

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Thanks for answering my question about portals and transportation in a lucid dream Andrew.
I will definitely take some time to practice the spinning technique you recommended, many thanks