Virtual Hangout [#55] - Recorded on 5/13/2021

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Submitted Questions:

  • Hi Andrew, I recently took the sleep yoga course with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and met (again) the sleep goddess Salgye du Dalma. I met her before but didn’t know quite how to make use of her. Now I am more familiar with the use of these entities. So far it feels like she accompanies me in deep sleep. Sleep feels a bit denser, fuller and much more healthy. So now I have the drala from the Werma Sadhana – which I continue to practice even though I have lost the samaya with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche – and the goddess. Both are white lights for me in the night and in the day. Could you say something about the use of these ‘enlightened beings’, entities, deities, ‘drala’, I suppose also ‘lineage’ could be included here. They feel like an energy but I can’t put it into words and would like to understand it better. I will be attending the Virtual Hangout today if you prefer to talk in person. Thanks for being there for me! I’m loving the Night Club!

  • Hi from Barcelona! :slight_smile: I would like to ask a question regarding your last book “Dreams of Light”. It’s about the concept of “illusory forms”. My question is: how can I see the world as illusory if it’s not a creation of my mind? I know that the world is a projection of my mind, but it’s also obvious that it has its own behaviour, I mean, it’s predictable, it has its own precise laws (I’m a physicist and I know this well!). The “real” world is not like the dream world where everything is controlled by my mind. This is because the dream world is obviously my creation, and the “real world” was created by another “infinite” being or energy or whatever you want to call it. So inviting me to see the world as illusory is analogous to requesting a dream character to realize that the rest of the dream scene is illusory. I can see a dream as illusory because it’s my creation. But a dream character cannot be conscious of the illusory nature of the dream. In the same way, I cannot be completely conscious of the illusory nature of the reality because I’m not its final creator. I’m just it’s co-creator. I hope I’ve explained well! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

  • I am having several lucid dreams a week. I would like to know how I can stay lucid longer when I fall asleep. What can I do? Also when I am waking up in this in-between-state. How can I stay there longer? I am having more challenges with meditation than lucidity. Which meditation practice can assist me?

  • When asked about his admirable skill in Lucid Dreaming I have heard Andrew say a number of times “I work really hard at it”. I wonder if he could elaborate a bit more on what this actually means in his case personally. His ability is very inspiring and I hope to be able to achieve that also. Do you think that Meditation is the prime factor in developing the Lucid Dreaming ability? Thank You

  • So, Andrew, does the awakened person experience the world as a waking dream? Experiencing the world through the senses and thoughts, but as a dream? What do they experience that unawakened persons do not?

  • I wonder how generation stage yoga works with open eyes in the dark?

  • Is a person’s voice a projection of what we want it to be?