VR induced OBEs

The VR Experience That Might Make You Less Afraid to Die
This is an article in VICE

Please read and comment. I’ll find another article about a different set up that achieved similar results and was installed as an art project in the Netherlands (I believe).
Love to discuss this. If you have other questions about VR, I might be able to answer and you can find previous responses to VR related questions in other VR discussion threads.


Here’s another method (more and more coming online) of OBE induction. This is an article from the New Yorker.

Have heard much from LD experiencers who have tried this. Anyone?


Hi @Richard, thanks for posting these fascinating articles. I read them a while ago and it was good to peruse them again – there’s a lot to digest in there!

I would love to try all of these virtual embodiment experiments. Hopefully at some point we’ll start to see more experiments along these lines in commercial VR; this will become more feasible as full-body tracking becomes more accessible in commercial VR systems. There is an intriguing possibility that the forthcoming Oculus Quest may be capable of at least a crude form of full-body optical tracking:

Here, this is the Innovation Zone, we’re looking forward into the future… some stuff that’s unreleased, we’re still working on, but you’re going to see it in the demo here today. So one of these things is body presence. So when you look down in the game, you’re going to see an avatar of your full body. That’s using the camera sensors on the headset to identify your corporeal manifestation and represent that in the VR world. [SOURCE: Anna Kozminski at Oculus explains how Oculus Quest does Mixed Reality (Reddit thread, links to Youtube video)]

One use-case I’d like to see that is not mentioned in either article is the potential to use VR to train people to have out-of-body experiences on their own. As valuable (and fun!) as a machine-mediated OBE would be, learning to do it on one’s own would open up a lot of possibilities.

“Embodied virtual experience, the philosophers write, can change us profoundly. It can affect us in ways we barely understand, redefining ‘the very relationship we have to our own minds.’” (Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality? - Joshua Rothman, New Yorker) So much fascinating potential here. I am immensely curious to see this unfold, especially as we are able to bring more of our embodied selves into these virtual worlds.