AfterDeath: The Tibetan Book of the Dead In Virtual Reality (

In another thread [LINK] @Barry brought up a Virtual Reality project to simulate the experience of the Bardo. (

The project’s website describes it thus:

This sounds very interesting and perhaps deserves its own thread. Following @Barry’s lead I contacted them and have been corresponding a bit about it. Recently we had the following exchange:

Have you considered creating a public demo for the Oculus Quest and releasing it on SideQuest or the App Lab?

Yep, that’s our plan for the first step, building a “vertical slice” or mini-experience that could be released on those platforms and on StreamVR, probably for free, to build interest.

I see on the website there is a section that shows a third-person perspective of someone dying. In the full program, do you intend to have that start in the first-person and simulate an OBE/NDE as the first stage of the experience?

Yes, exactly, we are intending to have the entire experience, with the possible exception of the very beginning, be from the first person POV.

If so, that is something I’ve long been interested in: using VR to train to have OBE type experiences. If that’s part of the final program, I hope that it can be played separately on its own – or, it could be an interesting demo to release so that people can get a taste of the experience.

Yes and yes.


This all sounds intriguing and I’m very curious to see, if they can pull this off, what they will come up with. An OBE simulator/trainer sounds very worthwhile in its own right, and I’m very pleased that they are planning to make it for Oculus Quest, by far the most accessible and affordable VR headset out there.

What do you all think of this?



WOW. This sounds terrifying and exciting.


Glad you followed up. I’m signed up to be a beta tester. If I win the lottery I’ll fund it. Hope it happens before we get to the real thing. :smiley:

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I think this is a fantastic project. I’ve been thinking how good a Vajrayana type game would be - both spiritually and financially… :pray: