🎼 Wake Up Singing or Humming a Tune?

While referring back to some of the quoted texts here I came across this again. This is one of the main helping factors with this medicine IMO.

This happens to me sometimes too. I get completely comfortable in my bed, assuring none of my limbs will become numb or have any issues then I lay still and do not move. This is the part where the mind can outsmart the body. Naturally the body wants to go back to sleep because it is the middle of the night.

Staying perfectly still the body will attempt to put itself to sleep. Sometimes for me it takes 2-3 hours but it works. This is also practice of sleep yoga. If you are able to stay still well enough the body will enter sleep paralysis. You can feel the body shut itself down and at that point you are just waiting for a REM cycle.


Did you check the comments in this video too?

Just that the voices are beautiful and I have no clue what either are saying :upside_down_face:


Yes , i went through every comment :grinning: (and used the translation button). Was amazing how many had such a reaction to this song. This is the video i originally posted on “Music that Moves You.” Its been on my youtube playlist since the concert. Have followed Estas Stone from his beginning fame, because his Buddhist teacher was same as mine 12+ years ago.

BTW … the song his stopped playing in my head the minute i got the “Exodus” connection.


I didnt, but I read a few of them, and one of the people said the song gave them “Chills”. And all the ones I read were favorable.

I can see why, he is really impressive!


How did it tie into Exodus?

Very cool how these things will rellay in oir mimds until we finally get a flash of insight, followed by peace and silence. And thats when you know you got the right answer.


@NightHawk999:eight_pointed_black_star: With reference to the Lullaby by Liat Zion and The Exodus.:eight_pointed_black_star:

The Liat Zion Lullaby song abruptly stopped yesterday & i was free of it until this morning, again on waking (a 3rd time) its now like someone is singing this, probably knowing shortly with my morning cup of tea will amuse my Ego here in NCC.

Ahhh… those synchronicity :star2: tingling chills! Now suggesting more trail directions.

Connection within the other chat thread

The Exodus?
It tells a story of Israelite enslavement and eventual departure from Egypt, revelations at biblical Mount Sinai, and wanderings in the wilderness up to the borders of Canaan. Its message is that the Israelites were delivered from slavery by Yahweh their god, and therefore belong to him by covenant .
The Exodus - Wikipedia.

[quote="Bianca_Aga, post

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Being say “Its the first phase of the Exodus”. This is the reason i returned to Arthur’s site (renewing my subcription) because he talks about these things.
Arthur (in his chat room i follow) tells his story about climbing Mount Sinai i listened too on Sunday, same day i heard the voice in the morning say "

When listening to Arthur’s real story and the experience he went through, it was just like the clip you had posted:

I :star2: tingled at about 5:33


Ah, a stroy of Liberation with the help of devine aid.

A theme worth noting I think :wink:

The clip is a great metaphor for Ego death, and Spiritual Liberation:

Diving into the deepest depths of ourselves and confronting the demons. Light overcoming the darkness.

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Watched this movie last night, you can view it free here:

@mbready check out the clip at the 28min mark, where he mentions what the llamas name means.

@Bianca_Aga was cool so see a synchronicity with one of Andrews answers to my question earlier this year. He told me that beings can reincarnate in multiple ‘bodies’. This movie was fantastic.

I also really liked the importance of Astrology, and the use of an Oracle for insights.

…“but an Oracle can?”


Thank you @NightHawk999 for sharing the link!
Am going to watch it now.

One of my favourite Dharma teachers Dzongzar khentse Rinpoche and Buddhist film i think you’ll enjoy.


This is what I’ve been humming this morning. Took a while to find what it was as not heard for quite a while. MYSTICA
Researched (Wiktionery) Mystica meaning: Things pertaining to secret rites, mystics.


Woke up with this song playing in my mind this morning, not the lyricis but the beat that starts at the 30 second mark:

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill


@NightHawk999 at this bit ?
Cat=independence & self sufficiency
Mask=under disguise to conceal the true meaning
Green=potential for growth
Butterfly=freed soul, immortality
X =marks the spot
Light=illuminate, clarification. Seeing the light, truth, Devine.

Great beat in this!


Yes :slightly_smiling_face: And up until the singing starts.

Awesome analysis! Really good eyes! I did not even realize the Cats eyes and muzzy made the shape of a butterfly.

Its an older song, hvent heard it in over a decade, I did not really appreciate the video when it came out, but now I see its really well done. Lots of attention to detail.

Other symbols

Fighting against agents of death/destruction:

Abandoning ship = shedding things that no longer serve you, are sinking you (tis the season of trees shedding )

I did not catch this when I watched this this morning, can you see a synchronicity with Brasil island at the very end?:


I liked it.

Going to have to rewatch the first half. Thought it was funny how they called him Godzilla for the ego, lol. He is kind of like the reverse of a mother in law, poking holes in the ego to try to help people.

What was your favorite part of thiis movie?


@NightHawk999 as you probably guessed by now i believe theres messages in the tunes waking up with. One important one i had i took note of eventually led me to India & Nepal.

Did you realise a message here? And does it make sense at all?

I didnt see that either. Yes see it now. I read how some who saw the island saw it as a paradise.
Funny i found an old map that says ‘Imaginary Isle of Brazil’.


Absolutely, and yes it does!

Very glad you encouraged me to dig deeper into this.

Very cool. Must have been a very powerful message. Love to hear about this story if you are open to share it.


@NightHawk999 going back to the Gorillaz video clip had me researching this further.

I watched the video again.

And saw more clues.

On the ship the steward knocks on door 13
13=hidden (Ophiuchus)
I had a dream about going on a cruise ship shortly before returning to NC.
The yellow boat reminds me of the film Life of PI
The girl Noodle rejoins the 3 other members of rock group.
Submarines= understanding the subconscious & depth of feelings
Island=retreat to work to explore view of Self
Manatee= man at mans destiny (enlightenment)

Great line in the lyrics of Melancholy Hill
“Just looking out on the day of another dream.”


Yeah it is, great eye!

I did not catch how fitting the lyrics were:

“Does anybody know, love
If we’re looking out on the day
Of another dream?”


Great video of Life of Pi, its a relly good book and movie.


This post has synchronicity to this thread.

I listened to the 3 beautiful songs by Agnus Obel you posted on ‘Music That Moves’ and very much resonated with the music of Dorian, especially the piano to the point noticing it being hypnotic & i have a hunch likely to be humming this tune.

So I thought to research the lyrics

and found an interesting comment on ‘songsmeaning .com’

As i was finishing reading the comment i heard (clairaudient) a clear voice say “Richard Parker”. I had to put this name into Google as forgot where I’d heard this recently. Have you guessed? Clue: look at the last sentence that you wrote in previous post to this.
There is a connection between these 2.

Just before listening to the songs i had started doing some more homework on Ophiuchus and gathering info to post later.


Funny, I almost cut that one from the list, before posting it, becuase I did not think people would appreciate it. Glad I didnt :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you posted the pic from the interview. Can see how this resonates with Buddhism in more than a few ways:

Yes, its the name of the Tiger from the movie life of pi.

Does that mean you did your Birth chart? :star_struck:

Very curious to know what your Moon sign is. When you do end up doing that homework assignment, and if you are comfortable sharing, PM me and let me know, or write it the forums. Of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, editation is at the top of the list, and I think the birth chart falls withing the top 10 greatest gifts.