🎼 Wake Up Singing or Humming a Tune?

I’ve had this discussion with @NightHawk999 about this subject, of waking from sleep & dreams, noticing I’m singing or humming a tune, and usually discover it has a hidden message within it.

Did you wake up singing or humming a tune and discovered a message?


Yesterday morning I woke sing this

Liat Zion is from Israel where she performed in Estas Tonne’s concert at Tel Aviv Opera House.
I researched the song to find an English translation. But I found no translation but did find Estas words:
"Liat Zion, it has always been this way: we meet, we play, we fly and we are deeply grateful for what “comes out”.
I like to think this was the message.


This morning whilst browsing on NC I noticed a song singing in the background. Odd how one can have 2 things going on at the same time. I had to repeat humming the tune a few minutes … then bam​:boom: there it is :arrow_heading_down:

The lyrics are interesting! The bit I was humming:
“Here I am, here I am, here I am”


About a little over a month after joining NC, I tried for the first time to experiment with Galantamine doing a WBTB.

It was around 3am. I couldnt fall back to sleep (I am too sensitive to the drug), but I layed in bed for a good hour or so trying to. I did however experience a Hypnogogic dreamlet:

I was deep under water and swimming up to the surface. The view of the dreamlet was ‘out of body’, awareness viewing me from far off in the distance, so my body looked very small and the deapth to the surface very great. There was a song playing in the background, very classical. Eventually I hit the surface of the water, and the awareness viewed it like I was hitting it head on.

The song stuck with me all day, but I could not place it. Eventually, I had the flash of this scene (view it starting at the 5:11 mark for the song):

I had not seen either of the movies or this scene in over a decade. Pretty cool how the dreamlet reversed the imagery, rather than falling, I was rising. But the view from the distance was almost identical, as was the crashing into the surface of the water.

That morning of the dream I was going to see a friend I had not seen in a while. We had lost touch, and I figured they had ill feelings for some reason that I didnt understand. So a part of me did not want to meet, another part wanted closure. I made the right choice to meet. The friend told me they had gotten cancer, but did not want anyone to know. I had a precognitive dream a year before that, that I could not decipher, but upon hearing the news, realized it was the friend saying they were in trouble.


In my dream language the sea represents Cosmic Consciousness. If deep down in the sea means trying to fathom something.

Excellent! Dreams are soooo amazing!!!

Boom :boom: Awesome when that happens!

I watched from 5:11
And had the chills at 5:30-34

I watched again 4 hours later and had the chills exactly same time.
When he says
“I threw down my enemy.” The scene reminds me of this film clip:


@NightHawk999 Here we go again! Help :woozy_face:
I woke singing this song again, not out loud but humming it like a piece of background music in a film, it continued whilst i was trying to recall the details of my dream. What is it about this song?

Liat Zion is from Israel


I find that the tunes I wake up singing are pretty much the ones I’ve heard in the last day or two. It’s as if there is a music channel in my brain, and it switches off and on when I sleep—only to continue when I awake. :no_mouth:


In general, liked the movie, partly filmed in Nepal. When filming, Keanu was friendly with friends. When I rewatch the movie, I fast forward through the modern day tale and can enjoy the Buddha story unfold.


Good question I am not sure. What are the lyrics to it and their translation?

Her voice sounds sexy and sad.

Is she singing about something lost? An old flame?

This clip came to mind when I listened to her singing:

Had a real nasty headache yesterday, recovering from a cold. Its starting to clear. Should be able to reply to your other posts today or tomorrow.


WOW! That clip was fantastic! Really glad you shared that. I have not seen that movie before, nor have I heard the story of Buddhas Enlightenment. A+++++ directing, A+++++++++++ story.

Cool minor synchronicity with that clip, I had a dream over the weekend about a swing in the forest. I was wondering what the hell that meant. Maybe tied to the clip in some way :slightly_smiling_face:

So I met with my friend that day, and I brought with me some wisdom that I knew was really important to share with them, (regardless of weather they appreciated it or not at the time):

  1. keeping a dream journal
  2. Meditation
  3. Lucid dreaming, and Dream and sleep yoga.

Maybe the sea was representing the wisdom of the comic consciousness being shared.

Yeah, I had a pretty powerful reaction when I watched that clip on the day of that dreamlet :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:.

Talk about a powerful message from the universe! Thank you for reminding me of that memory :slightly_smiling_face:


@_Barry @NightHawk999
Thank you both for responding :+1: its been playing in my head all day! Now at 7pm realised what it is (Connected to the Exodus).

I get this as well!

Which part of Nepal?

@_Barry @NightHawk999 Had a cool synchronicity with Keanu Reeves today. I looked in old journal for when i clairaudient heard “Athena” when i found it on the same page was written
Ophiuchus and id dreamt of Keanu Reeves!

Could be. Lots of the comments under this song ask for translation & even had a healing. Interesting Estas in from Ukraine & Liat from Israel😪

Couldn’t see any connection but thankful for your thoughts :pray:t2::pray:t2:


While referring back to some of the quoted texts here I came across this again. This is one of the main helping factors with this medicine IMO.

This happens to me sometimes too. I get completely comfortable in my bed, assuring none of my limbs will become numb or have any issues then I lay still and do not move. This is the part where the mind can outsmart the body. Naturally the body wants to go back to sleep because it is the middle of the night.

Staying perfectly still the body will attempt to put itself to sleep. Sometimes for me it takes 2-3 hours but it works. This is also practice of sleep yoga. If you are able to stay still well enough the body will enter sleep paralysis. You can feel the body shut itself down and at that point you are just waiting for a REM cycle.


Did you check the comments in this video too?

Just that the voices are beautiful and I have no clue what either are saying :upside_down_face:


Yes , i went through every comment :grinning: (and used the translation button). Was amazing how many had such a reaction to this song. This is the video i originally posted on “Music that Moves You.” Its been on my youtube playlist since the concert. Have followed Estas Stone from his beginning fame, because his Buddhist teacher was same as mine 12+ years ago.

BTW … the song his stopped playing in my head the minute i got the “Exodus” connection.


I didnt, but I read a few of them, and one of the people said the song gave them “Chills”. And all the ones I read were favorable.

I can see why, he is really impressive!


How did it tie into Exodus?

Very cool how these things will rellay in oir mimds until we finally get a flash of insight, followed by peace and silence. And thats when you know you got the right answer.


@NightHawk999:eight_pointed_black_star: With reference to the Lullaby by Liat Zion and The Exodus.:eight_pointed_black_star:

The Liat Zion Lullaby song abruptly stopped yesterday & i was free of it until this morning, again on waking (a 3rd time) its now like someone is singing this, probably knowing shortly with my morning cup of tea will amuse my Ego here in NCC.

Ahhh… those synchronicity :star2: tingling chills! Now suggesting more trail directions.

Connection within the other chat thread

The Exodus?
It tells a story of Israelite enslavement and eventual departure from Egypt, revelations at biblical Mount Sinai, and wanderings in the wilderness up to the borders of Canaan. Its message is that the Israelites were delivered from slavery by Yahweh their god, and therefore belong to him by covenant .
The Exodus - Wikipedia.

[quote="Bianca_Aga, post

:9, topic:8977"]
Being say “Its the first phase of the Exodus”. This is the reason i returned to Arthur’s site (renewing my subcription) because he talks about these things.
Arthur (in his chat room i follow) tells his story about climbing Mount Sinai i listened too on Sunday, same day i heard the voice in the morning say "

When listening to Arthur’s real story and the experience he went through, it was just like the clip you had posted:

I :star2: tingled at about 5:33


Ah, a stroy of Liberation with the help of devine aid.

A theme worth noting I think :wink:

The clip is a great metaphor for Ego death, and Spiritual Liberation:

Diving into the deepest depths of ourselves and confronting the demons. Light overcoming the darkness.

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Watched this movie last night, you can view it free here:

@mbready check out the clip at the 28min mark, where he mentions what the llamas name means.

@Bianca_Aga was cool so see a synchronicity with one of Andrews answers to my question earlier this year. He told me that beings can reincarnate in multiple ‘bodies’. This movie was fantastic.

I also really liked the importance of Astrology, and the use of an Oracle for insights.

…“but an Oracle can?”


Thank you @NightHawk999 for sharing the link!
Am going to watch it now.

One of my favourite Dharma teachers Dzongzar khentse Rinpoche and Buddhist film i think you’ll enjoy.