🤖 Completely AI Generated Music

Hello, fellow music enthusiasts!

I wanted to share something unique with you, but I was cautious not to overwhelm the main thread at:

Especially since I understand that many of you have a deep appreciation for music created by human artists, encompassing singers, songwriters, and producers.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this dedicated space to explore and discuss AI-generated music. My aim is to delve into the realms of expressive music, where I have the opportunity to pen the lyrics and immerse myself in the fascinating production process offered by AI. Additionally, I’m excited to venture into creating compilations of Sanskrit Mantras.

The choice to work with Mantras is deeply intentional. I firmly believe in the transformative power of music as a teaching tool, especially for subjects as profound and enriching as mantras. It’s my hope that by combining the ancient wisdom encoded in these mantras with the innovative capabilities of AI, we can open up new avenues for learning and experiencing this spiritual heritage.

I invite you to join me in this exploration, where tradition meets technology, and together, we can discover the untapped potential of AI in creating music that not only entertains but also educates and enlightens.

(Also, I hope you’ll forgive the extra polish on my post, courtesy of AI’s helping hand. I wanted to ensure I put forth my best effort in laying out the essence of our discussion and warmly welcoming anyone new to this thread.)

Here is a song I worked on today, I was not able to get it up to where I was hoping to because I have limited credits per month and I am aiming to finish converting all of my AI to poetry to music this month:

Song title is ‘Ghosts in the Machine’:

To show the other side of what I am working on here are a couple examples of the Mantra compilations I have already completed with AI:


I made this song start to finish today (it took about 2-3 hours total) starting blank and only using assistance from AI.

The part of the song that took me the longest was the lyric video I made to accompany it. The video is just as much a part of the experience as the song itself.

Hope you enjoy :peace_symbol::v:


This one I made specifically tailored to the style of music I enjoy and I also spent a lot of time on the lyrics. I thoroughly enjoyed the creation process of this one.

Lyrics included, the song took about 4 hours to complete start to finish.

The lyric music video I made including all of the AI generated artwork took about 3 days worth of work.

Hope you enjoy!

Two that I recently finished:


I’ve found myself caught in a whirlwind of synchronicities with a song I finished that aligns perfectly and I found a need to share here with our group.

This weekend, I willingly decided to dive deep into shadow work, inspired by a book Andrew suggested, I was lead to an unexpected journey through music and art.

Unbeknownst to me, around the time I began my work dedicated to Shiva (as made clear by the opening picture and the description to my video), Sadhguru began fighting a brain bleed. He was able to put off going to the hospital until March 17th, the date I completed my video (photo and video proof at bottom).

On March 16th, he can be seen at the India Today Conclave, with a large Shiva banner behind him which added to the profoundness of this synchronicity. One of the synchronicities that feels all too relevant now.

I discovered, only today, the alignment of dates between Sadhguru’s surgery and the completion of my project dedicated to Shiva after learning the doctors had to remove a portion of his skull to alleviate the emergency.

The layers of synchronicity here extend very far beyond what I am willing to share (with dreams, meditations and aliens) or ignore, but there is one last one I’d like to share, take it as you will. It seems relevant to this situation that in my song I state firmly “In the Battle I Claim my Might”.

Also, I came across this while researching the dates which was interesting:

This is a video I created three months ago which I thought was interesting:

Picture of date:

Video of date:

Also, this is the song I am referring to:


This song is purely energy that arose from engaging in @Andrew 's Preparing to Die program.



I dove into the phonetic pronunciation of the mantras featured in this video, dedicating considerable time to ensuring that the AI articulated the words accurately within a musical context.

For this particular song, rhythm wasn’t my primary focus. More often than not, I settled for the first rendition that offered a precise and clear enunciation of the mantra in Sanskrit.

My research on the phonetics was conducted using AI and Google. There’s a notable diversity in the way mantras are pronounced across different regions. With this video, my goal was to faithfully adhere to the original Sanskrit phonetic pronunciation.


Also wanted to add these links to the post for anyone seeking further information:

For the “Longer Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra” (Infinite Life Sutra), you can access the text on Wikisource, providing a comprehensive look into the sutra that explores the vastness and the grandeur of Amitābha Buddha’s pure land, Sukhāvatī [❞].

The “Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra” (Amitabha Sutra) is fundamental in Pure Land Buddhism, depicting the wonderful Pure Land of Amitābha and outlining the salvific benefits of being reborn there. For a detailed exploration, the University of British Columbia Library’s open collections offer insights into this sutra [❞].

Lastly, the “Amitayurdhyana Sutra” (Contemplation Sutra) can be found detailed on Wikipedia. It includes the story of Queen Vaidehi’s request to the Buddha for a method to be reborn in Amitābha’s pure land, leading to the Buddha teaching her the visualization practices necessary for achieving rebirth in Sukhāvatī [❞].

These texts collectively form the core of Pure Land Buddhism, providing a detailed guide on the practices and the visualization techniques aimed at achieving rebirth in the Pure Land, ensuring a path towards enlightenment under the guidance of Amitābha Buddha.


I’ve spent many, many hours over the past two weeks devoted to crafting songs. Each one a stepping stone in my artistic journey in collaboration with AI.

Amidst these creations, there are some that hold a special place in my heart—songs that emerge from a deep desire to express my innermost emotions through music. I’ve decided to categorize these special songs into a series.

The first installment, ‘The Pure Lands Beckon,’ set the stage. Now, I’m excited to share with you Part Two of this series, a song and video that has been carefully shaped over the last week and a half, receiving its final touches just this morning.

This entry, like the first, is not solely about the music; it’s equally about the experience offered by the accompanying video.

I hope you find as much joy in experiencing it as I did in creating it.


Pretty cool, I was kind of able to document how far AI has advanced in about a year by these two YouTube videos I shared (you can see when they were uploaded on YouTube’s website).

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I love the unicorns and the full moon. also the voice… it speaks depth in harmony and sweetness.
Is it you in the drum?
love “we’re but a moment, given a chance”… :heart_eyes: interesting that it’s after this that we enter a portal :dolphin:


One of my favorite art pieces in the video, thank you!

As far as drums, singing, guitar, piano etcetera, I think it is kind of a grey area. I can take credit for creating everything, but at the same time I did not play the drums, guitar, sing etcetera. I work with AI called Suno.

It is very easy to get the basics of Suno down but there is a lot of depth to what it can accomplish when directions are in put into it in certain ways.

Glad you enjoyed it :slightly_smiling_face:. Didn’t know about the portal. Very cool!


Sheesh, it removed the quote from you @BlessingsDeers

Dunno what that was about (it said it automatically edited out me quoting your post) but I didn’t edit the above post, the one on the left of the screenshot was my original post.

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it’s still there :rose:

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I didn’t make this one but thought it was pretty good!

:sparkling_heart: Bob Ross!


thanks for sharing… I didn’t know Rob Moss…
Love his work and kind spirit…!

found this amazing tutorial…

“All you need is the desire to make beautiful things happen on canvas.”
“In our world we can do anything.”
-Bob Ross


The first one, the original, Jon Gnagy


I love his mustache… :heart_eyes:
his energy is very different from Bob Ross… Bob Ross is like a caramel…
Jon Gnagy is like an arrow of brilliant technique… hihihi very typical to pioneers… :dolphin:


Jon was THE guy in the 1950s-60s and inspired so many. I still have a couple of his art kits for sentimental value. My good buddy who runs the Warriors Art Room is a Bob Ross acolyte from childhood, being of a younger generation, and I wonder who’s out there today inspiring artists in that way?


She is…

I learned a LOT with her. I LOVE her :heart_eyes:


Beloved @mbready … today I dreamt lucid and…
a huge buzzing filled my whole “body” and I was music! My whole “body” was being that frequency. Really cool! :heart_eyes:
After I woke up, I recorded it.
Here it is.
Perhaps we could do something with this… I also have other friends who are musicians but… I thought about sharing it here first.

This was my first completely LD Generated Music! :dolphin: :feather:

@Agama check this out, beloved :feather: