Practicing Being Human

Gone are the dreams of flying car crash escapes, jumping from cliffs and bridges, lying on the bottom of pools and dissolving demons.

My dreams these days seem to always be more about simply practicing being an awakened human…both day and night.


I was thinking about this again this morning as I pondered my dreams of the night. In those early dreams I had been working very hard with classic lucid dreaming protocols with an emphasis on WILD and SSILD with lots of daytime practice. I had yet to discover the more foundational protocols of dream yoga that I am immersed in now.

As I see it now, my subconscious seemed to be constantly presenting me with inescapable scenarios that pretty much forced me to become lucid. Those dreams tended to end in brief moments of exhilarating lucidity. I can still recall many of them from over a year ago in crisp detail.

There has now been an interesting transition to long dreams where I am viscerally present and completely awake. Every night, in multiple dreams, I interact with dream characters who are incredibly real and diverse, only (and rarely) changing things where it is obviously the thing to do. I never even consider whether or not I am “lucid”. I wake in the mornings and contemplate the lessons I gleaned from these interactions.

This is…changing me in both subtle and profound ways.




Compose any music in your dreams?

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Hey Barry…I do occasionally find myself coming out of a strong dream with a melody in my head. Sometimes they fade right away but the ones that don’t are usually keepers.

I can slip into the studio easily and capture that with either a guitar or on the keyboard and then see where it goes from there. The most recent one that comes to mind strongest is this one:


Really inspiring. Reminds me of sitting in an East (Greewhich) Village coffee house, circa 1966, sipping and sliding, drinking tea and giving sympathy.


Great image, Barry.

So…thinking about learning to be a human with a light body I stumbled upon this interesting gentleman. You need to get to the end of this somewhat secular perspective on the light body.

It seems that not only can we practice being human but we are, of course, still evolving as humans in some very interesting and intriguing ways.


Indeed. I have often pondered the further evolutionary aspects of the human race with regard to evolving away from the purely physical existence as he alludes to.

I think we are furthering that evolutionary process every night when we expand our abilities at being conscious and aware in our dreams.