When prehistoric birds attack


“When prehistoric birds attack”

I am outside sitting at a table having a conversation with three other people.
We all look towards the horizon and see a swarm of prehistoric looking birds flying towards us. The birds look like herons but are a bit more beefy. I dive on the ground and take cover under a nearby bench. One of the birds lands close by and starts trying to peck at me.
I think to myself…I must be dreaming. As soon as I have that thought, I have no doubt that I am dreaming. I stand up and clap my hands with the intent to stop time. It works…everything freezes in place. I wake up. The lucidity lasted for about 2 seconds.

Notes: I did wbtb. Upon returning to bed I had a dream woke up and spent some time thinking about the dream…replaying the dream etc.
I wasn’t thinking about doing mild…but in effect I ended up doing a good portion of mild. I then dozed off and had the dream I described above.
That was my first lucid dream since joining nightclub…about 5 weeks ago.



Amazing! I love how you clapped to stop time.