1st Lucid Dream Success!

last night I went fully lucid many times in many different dreams. I seemed to be floating on the edge of sleep the whole time occasionally waking up but then drifting back down into another lucid dream each dream with a different setting but all had a similar vibe. They all seemed to be at night or in dark rooms in big old houses. I was fully aware and managed to try many of the tips and tricks I’ve heard and read about. I noticed that the dreams would become shaky if I kept looking in one place, this is mentioned in the book ‘Journey to Ixtlan’ so I would look away and at my right hand a lot but ultimately they always faded into darkness before a new one started.

I remember thinking that as I was lucid I’d experiment as much as possible. I was rushing to do as many things as I could before I woke up. I did a couple of reality checks, I looked at my hand, looked away and then looked at it again and saw that the fingers were crooked, fat and thin. Then I tried to push my left index finger through my right palm, at this point it was a bit too dark to see but I think I saw something protruding out the other side although it felt just like it does when I do it in real life, a slight pain in the palm (not sure it is the most effective reality check).

I tried talking to the dream characters, I asked them to tell me something but they could only talk in gibberish and I could get no sense out of them. I looked into the sky (now blue and full of contrails) and shouted, 'this is my dream! Show me my childhood trauma!" But nothing came of it, so I decided to say, “show me something scary” but nothing came of that either. I tried to fly but could only really float. I tried a method I’ve read about where you bring where you wanted to go to you but it didn’t work for me. I was able to move around very fast on a sort of invisible bicycle, so it was a bit like flying but from not very high up.

I didn’t really feel like I had much control in the dreams and I certainly didn’t have any authority. I’ll continue to experiment and see if I can relax a bit more in the next one.


Congratulations! Can you reflect on your daytime practice to prepare for last night? What will you be doing today to help you to get lucid tonight?


ah…to get it to “stick”. Good question.

And CONGRATS on the lucid experience, @Atma-Mu!!

I just remembered 4 dreams last night (journaled 'em, to “get dream memory to stick”), and what you said: “certainly didn’t have any authority” hits home for me. It’s like more happens in my dreams than IRL (truth), and I have ZERO agency.

Just breaking my teeth and trying to spit out the shards, so I can’t converse. (I can grind through metal so use a bite guard that makes it’s way into my dreams - always)

Or I can’t make eye contact - because I can’t open my eyes - dream paralysis makes it’s way into my dreams as well.

No agency, today’s profound ‘downer’ for me! :slight_smile:


Good work. . . . . . .

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I’m not sure? What day time practices are there to ensure lucid dreaming in a frequent occurrence?


Illusory form for one. I just wondered if you did things that you can repeat because they helped you prepare for such a great experience, such as prayers, diet, meds, reading Dharma books, mantras, visualization practices, anything that can become part of a regular routine. If you find some, they will be noteworthy.


@Atma-Mu Congratulations! Cool lucid dream!
Regarding not being able to fly as you wanted: if that happens again you could try to conjure up some specific dream object aid, like a jet pack, or a witch‘s broom, which is supportive to the concept of flying. Sometimes the mind wants to be convinced by some sort of dream logic, like „okay, today flying doesn’t quite work, so I‘ll use the jet pack!“.


Oh, I see. Well, for the last three years I’ve been meditating and following the practices of Advaita Vedanta. The reason I wanted to be able to lucid dream was to join the two practices as abiding in the Self and being present in the hypnagogic state aren’t too dissimilar a feeling. I’m vegan and meditate on the Self every night, that’s about it. But now I have the intent to lucid dream, which I never had before.


Just awesome, thanks for sharing. It just gets better, so never give up!