A Must Watch - Dream of Life // Alan Watts


This short film is absolutely worth 4:19 minutes of your life…


@Allison, I agree – that is a must watch! I’ve seen various videos with that sound clip (or portions thereof), but that is probably the most visually stunning version. I showed a similar Alan Watts clip to my beloved sister Wendy when she was dying of cancer.

Kensho (4:03) is, in my opinion, another must watch video that uses a substantial portion of the same Alan Watts audio clip.

I fondly remember having my mind blown to smithereens, many moons ago, by Watt’s The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. I’m delighted that his audio, and other emanations, keeps showing up in videos online, as well as popular movies (e.g. he was a character in the movie Her).