A Shot in the Dark and Dream

Just some thoughts to get down before they dissolve (into pure light?) I usually don’t post “dream experiences” as such, and I admit, this one is not much of general interest, but I don’t think I’d put all this detail in my newest but severely underutilized dream journal. So here I write.

I received my second Covid-19 Moderna vaccination the other day, early in the morning (for me), and didn’t sleep much the night before, having stayed up late for Dharma Zooms, which frequently set my thoughts ping-ponging for hours, until I meditate or medicate, or both. I received my final jab at the local Veteran’s Hospital where I stood in line with comrades, some in wheelchairs, some with Agent Orange-related illnesses, some with beards whiter, and hair longer than mine. All seemed happy to be alive and receiving the shot. “Da Nang '70-71” one fellow called out. “65” one-upped another. “Navy, Seabees. Doubt if you heard of us.” Lots of laughs (they’re famous). (NOTE: Thought about Charlie Morley who spends so much time, non-judgementally, helping veterans overcoming PTSD)

No problem with the vaccine but I was already very tired. The nurse was friendly and when he saw my address he recommended a Vietnamese sandwich shop, called Omi Omy, near my home. Yum yum. Later, did normal stuff and grew wearier as the day went on, so I was ready for sleep earlier than usual. Took some Tylenol and sleepy tea, then a few drops of Tommy Chong’s CBD and went to bed.

After a couple of hours I realized I was dreaming but somehow I was also awake. I tried to put my hand through a pillow but it was solid. I asked myself if things in dreams could be solid? I thought they could be if they were solid in the daytime when we were also dreaming, why not in a nighttime dream?

A bit later I “heard” someone say that whenever a sentient being is born they are born into their own universe. There are trillions and trillions of universes—but they all share the same stuff, and that stuff is really nothing at all. I somehow knew that you can travel back or ahead in time in your own universe. So, I traveled ahead an hour and realized that I knocked over and shattered the glass I left on the bathroom sink. So, I decided not to put the glass there an hour earlier when I had yet another glass of water on a really thirsty night.

I saw a vision in the dark of lines of people made of small dots of light that sort of all blended into each other, eventually becoming just lights in the darkness. Then I found myself sitting at a table and heard something like an introduction to my glass full of water. I thanked the glass and drank the water and thanked it too for keeping me alive. I thanked the walls and paintings for assuming those forms in my life, at this time, and I knew that they too will someday be moving on.

I woke up in the morning and noticed I had several entries on my Apple Watch recorder, describing what happened during the night. I don’t read too much into the whole experience except I was amazed at the tune that kept playing in my mind throughout the night. It was the Buddha Sakyamuni prayer that I’ve listened to on my iPhone App, Buddha Mantra, Om muni muni maha muni Shakyamuni soha." I took that for a good sign!