About the Light School category

Light School is designed to help you with every aspect of your daily path to awakening (lucidity).

Part of our charter at Night Club is to respond to the needs of our members. Two members recently gave us ideas about how to open the doors of our exclusive Club in ways that welcome a wider audience. In response to these good ideas, we’re restructuring the Club in the following ways. I want to spend a few minutes explaining why, because these changes are important.

Here’s the view behind the first change: lucid dreaming has so much potential, but it’s not easy. So much is promised, so little delivered. The benefits are incredible, but so are the obstacles. This is such an important topic that my next two books, Dreams of Light and The Lost Temple of Sleep (currently being written) are devoted to precisely this subject. Is there a way you can derive the benefits of lucid dreaming without have a single lucid dream? Yes there is, and it is to this end that our first change is being offered. To meet the needs of people who want the benefits of the nocturnal meditations but struggle with them, we’re “opening the doors” by expanding the Club into daytime hours. In our playful spirit, welcome to the Grand Opening of Light School.

Light School is designed to help you with every aspect of your daily path to awakening (lucidity): from how to start meditating, to how to refine and expand your practice, to how to deal with every possible obstacle to spiritual awakening. Light School is totally in line with our theme of expanding consciousness to include all states – diurnal or nocturnal. And in the spirit of bidirectionality, the more you refine your diurnal practices the more likely you’ll be to start having nocturnal success with lucid dreams. So the Club is now open 24/7, so to speak, and unlocking its doors to all forms of daytime practice.

These developments are in harmony with our theme of openness: opening the aperture of awareness to include all states of consciousness; meditation as habituation to openness; openness as synonymous with emptiness. Night Club will continue business as usual, so don’t worry about that. But Light School will allow many others to come into our growing family and walk the path along with us.