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I just saw a TV show very worthy of movie night. The original version of “Life on Mars” from 2006. Do you know it? A detective has a head injury and goes 30 years into the past. He thinks everything he encounters is a fabrication of his subconscious. He considers jumping off a roof to “wake himself up.” HE hears someone from his present time that is hypnotizing him as he lays in a coma. Definitely alters your state to watch it.

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Awesome. That certainly sounds “dream-like”. We’ll definitely check this out! Thanks for the recommendation @Wendy.

Just to confirm, is this the show you are referring to? Life on Mars (TV Series 2008–2009) - IMDb

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I have a few suggestions for movie night that you all might find interesting. I’m new here, so you may have already watched these. These are some of my favorites.

Amongst the White Clouds 2005
The Fountain 2006
The Yogis of Tibet 2002
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion 2002
Tibetan Book of the Dead 1994 (Narrated by Leonard Cohen)

I just found this message, I am not very good at navigating the web site. I know it is about to have an upgrade so I will try again soon. The life on Mars is the 2006-2007 the English TV series. Not to be confused with the American version of 2007-2008. Apparently different. I really appreciate all you do. I have learned so much and am experiencing so much. non of it would have happened without your support of Andrew. Thank you