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" Just as dream content is not thought to be different from the dreamer who creates it, so also appearances are not different from mind. They are the very mind as it emanates.

Tashi Namgyal Tibetan Yogi"

Can I change my mind?

As in, can I change my “mind as it emanates”?


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Ok, so January 11 Whisper of Wisdom - - - (just catching up on email to fall behind again)

The sailor does not control the sea, nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers manipulate or direct themselves in the larger expanse of dreaming; however, they do not control it. Lucid dreaming appears to be a co-created experience.

Robert Waggoner | author

I believe dreams to be co-created because one dream a year-ish ago that definitely was not my dream material. I know my neighbor’s history and it fit her more than anything I’ve ever conjured up in my head.

Toasters where genitals would be…she was an abused child with mom and grandma looking the other way. Now she’s MPP and schizophrenia - not my diagnoses. She let slip some keys that linked it all for me.

She’s got 3 full-on baby seats stacked in boxes in her bedroom, and taking prenatal vitamins for triplets that have been “cryptic” since a second cycle of abuse in her life happened. She’d “come to” and could only figure date rape drugs were slipped to her. But after hearing more, it’s like her split took over for a few weeks and “act out” (my adopted sister did a lot of that, not even realizing what she was doing, it’s real, and sad). She’d finally “come back” after acting out for week+ spans. As she wasn’t there, all she knew was ‘the Hollywood mafia’ was abusing her sexually. To hear the confusion as she tried to figure it out - was heartbreaking.

(I don’t even like kids, but I’m a bitch-ass Mamma Bear when I hear things happen to children because it changes the course of their lives)

So these triplets were “dropping” summer 2019. They still are, and now she’s “showing”. She let slip she was eating a lot and had to really control her sugar intake now. Also - she just turned 57.

I’m not one to judge another’s reality - been there done that with the Medical Ivory Towers of “Evidence Based Lies of Omission” - just blinded by their godhood that they couldn’t see the evidence sitting right on their exam table. These triplets are linked to quoted bible verses she speaks with anger. Like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, right before he shoots someone.

So there’s that kind of energy across the hall, and down the hall, and on the 3rd floor, and…you get it.

So if a Master says “I had a dream the other night that…” - what was the dream? He was likely adept at both Dream and Sleep Yoga, and practicing throughout. Thoroughly shinjanged, the master wouldn’t be bothered by the whispering mind. (mind’s a roaring waterfall)

Which brings up the question of whether Karma is created during lucid dreams. I’ve heard the answer both Yes and No. I get why both answers apply, and the discrepancy was probably in response to the questioner at some woo-woo level.

Back to the quote, I’ve also heard the answer “no, dreams are self-contained.” Again, I suppose that pertains to one’s level of practice or permeability.

(pretty sure I’m cursed, if anyone wants to do an exorcism…? Too many “that can’t be!” things happen that derail getting to an important vow ceremony on time, for example. Like grimlins saw me coming and rolled out the strip of tacks which blew my tire - making me late, when I busted chops to be at least early! Why spiderwebs covering my front door, yet all the neighbors were simply dusty? - oh yeah, my unit was stuffed with mold. :roll_eyes: I still insist my refuge name be changed to “shitty first impressions” because of these mishaps, despite my preparation and best efforts.)

Just spouting off some conflicty things I’ve heard, and “working it out - out loud.”

In a mood. :neutral_face: