Whispers of Wisdom - Share Your Quotes

Since Night Club began, I’ve been curating and sending out to those who ask for it our daily Whispers of Wisdom. Every now and again a member sends me a great quote to share. So I had a dream last night that suggested to me that I should suggest to you all that if you have a dream related quote to share – or come across one – that you post it in the Quotes category and we can share it as a Whisper from a NC member for all to enjoy. The quote can be on anything related to our NC content (any of the Six Tracks etc), so the scope is fairly open.

So if you have one (or more), or come across one, post it in the Quotes category (#resources:quotes) and we’ll share it in a future Whisper of Wisdom offering.

We look forward to reading and sharing what you offer!

Andrew (and the Team)

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Dear friends,

I am a subscriber to “whispers of wisdom” and find the quotes at times quite inspiring. Unfortunately you only name the author. Would it be too much of a bother to quote the respective book as well as I might be tempted to read a bit more on the subject?

Thanks and best wishes,

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