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Wow, look at how much growth there was in one year on Night Club! :clap:


A Heartfelt Thanks and Our Year in Growth: A Look at 2022 vs. 2023

Reflecting on our journey together in the Night Club Community, it’s awesome to see how much we’ve grown! I echo the statement said by @Bianca_Aga, thank you @Andrew for creating not just a beautiful space, but a haven where we can share openly. :heart_eyes::alien::heart_eyes:


Let’s dive into the numbers that paint a picture of our collective growth (thank you AI for your help in compiling this information):

Key Growth Metrics (2022 vs. 2023):

  • Reading Time: From an average of 20.1 hours to a staggering 65.4 hours, growing by +225.37%.
  • Topics Created: Almost doubled from 10.2 to 19 topics on average, a +86.27% increase.
  • Replies Made: An impressive leap from 148.1 to 477.6 average replies, showing a +222.48% growth.
  • Engagement: The ‘Most Replied To’ metric soared by +249.20%, from 99.8 to 348.5.
  • Likes Given & Received: A heartwarming increase in appreciation with likes given up by +346.29% and likes received by +388.65%.

These numbers aren’t just statistics; they’re a testament to our vibrant, curious, and supportive community. Each interaction, every topic, and all the shared thoughts contribute to this unique tapestry of ideas and conversations.

Here’s to every member, every reader, every thinker in this community. Your participation and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind this incredible growth. Let’s continue to foster this environment of learning, sharing, and exploring the unknown.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for making the Night Club Community a thriving hub of curiosity and connection. :sparkling_heart::heart::sparkling_heart:


This is a wonderful way to look back at those posts, although only participated that latter part of the year!

I learnt a lot from the chats! Thank you to all :pray:t2:

I have to say that although its my own post, a favourite was :small_blue_diamond:TURIYA - Forth State, that taught me a new realization which i found awesome.

And this one was so funny!

“How much we’ve grown” in more ways than one! :star_struck::star2::dizzy::star2::star_struck:

@mbready thank you for sharing your compiling list! :+1::dizzy:

Amen! :pray:t2::star2::dizzy::star2:

Love it :orange_heart::seedling:


What an amazing review - never seen anything like it. And even though I am not participating a lot, I feel connected - just by reading at present books I would have never found without this place…this inspiration…

Three months into practicing and no lucidity yet (beside the dream in the dream where I noticed the six fingers but could not convey lucidity to the dream figure - how strange and amazing that was!), but still not giving up.

I enjoy this place and hope to dive into it more…
Thank you all for your wonderful support.


:+1: Most important part! Journaling is key also.

Illusory form (‘Dreams of Light’) helps immensly too.

If you don’t mind having Christ, the Holy Spirit and God as central figures in a book ‘A Course in Miracles’ is a great one to get on audible and listen to it while walking around in your normal day to day life (not at home but places like work and grocery stores etcetera).


What do you mean by this?

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I thought the same!
And to see those figures that have jumped a lot since last year. I only started joining in the chat not long before you.

Thank you for your support too!


“Dreams of Light” acts as a powerful catalyst for lucid dreaming, much like an accelerant ignites a fire. Our dreams frequently reflect our daytime experiences, and by applying the techniques from Andrew Holecek’s book or “A Course in Miracles” (which I recommend experiencing through Audible for ease of absorption), you can extend these practices into your sleeping hours.

Something quick I worked on with AI to better explain:

Illusory Form: This concept, often rooted in various spiritual and philosophical traditions like Buddhism, refers to the understanding that the material world and our experiences in it are not as solid or permanent as they seem. This perspective views all phenomena as illusory, in the sense that they are transient and subject to constant change. It’s about recognizing the dream-like quality of reality.

Andrew Holecek’s “Dreams of Light”: A comprehensive exploration of the concept of illusory form, presented in a manner that aligns with Western psychology. The book delves deeply into how our perceptions of reality and dreams can be understood as transient and illusory, similar to a dream. Holecek bridges Tibetan Buddhist principles with contemporary psychological insights, making the complex topic of illusory form more accessible and relatable to a Western audience.


Ah, ok. You mean looking at reality as a dream or illusion? In that respect I like to share an experience: Many years ago the world - as it appears to be - dissolved and I was suddenly aware of it being an illusion - while at the same time quite ‘real’ or ‘solid’. Unfortunately, that was too much for me to accept (?), integrate (?), comprehend (?) and I felt terrified and this deep fear lasted for several days until I got back to a view of this reality as a solid reality.
I am still using reality checks, meditation, awareness of light, etc. as my daily practice. And reading and podcasts and Nightclub… :heart: :purple_heart: :orange_heart:
I might get back into the Course in Miracles, although I had quite difficulties with it in the past… Thank you. :blush:


We have a lot in common :slightly_smiling_face:. If I can remember correctly the term is sudden experiencers.

This is the full post from that quote.


@Bianca_Aga just shared this video, thought it was cool they mention spontaneousawakening right after we were discussing it.


How interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this quote from Andrew - so well formulated. The funny thing is that I was on a spiritual path my whole life, I ‘knew’ intellectually about emptiness (I don’t like that word very much - it appeared to me as transparent or illusory, or just plain UN-REAL, but not ‘empty’ as empty suggest something ‘full’ on the other side but that did not match my experience), but what a different situation it is when experiencing it directly!
I was told/learnt not to speak about these experiences because it was said that they lead to ego-inflation, aggrandizing your separate sense of self instead of diminishing it. But when related to fear, and to be able to understand it, I found it important to speak about it.
Like, again, experiencing ‘the void’ between sleep and day-wake state, I was completely terrified and pissed off with myself afterwards for not noticing and just letting go ‘into it’ - haha. I have been experimenting since with that ‘in-between-state’, but obviously can’t ‘create’ the void at will. I guess, I came first to Charly and then to Andrew (via youtube videos) at the right time - as it gave me first the opportunity to re-frame my nightmares and also to open up to further explorations and discoveries. While I feel like a moron when reading just a bit of the highly intelligent stuff that is posted here, I also felt very welcomed when I joined and enjoy this place.


Very cool indeed! I did not watch the whole thing, but the part with the spontaneous experiences. Thank you. Might continue watching… :blush: