My project, exploring galantamine over the last 196 days

After reading about Andrew’s success and Barry’s experience with galantamine for lucid dreaming, I decided to conduct my own experiment over a period of 196 days. During 82 of those days, I successfully induced lucid dreams and recorded my findings. My goal was to determine if the supplement could increase the frequency of my lucid dreams. During this time, I stopped my usual reality checks and instead focused on maintaining casual all-day awareness. Additionally, I would read text, look away, and then re-read it when I could remember to do so, using this as a trigger to return me to a state of awareness. My intention during this time was to allow galantamine to be the primary influence on my lucid dreaming.

The exact mechanism by which galantamine promotes lucid dreaming is not fully understood, but some studies suggest that it may increase the activity of acetylcholine in the brain during REM sleep, which is the stage where dreaming occurs. Two known benefits from this are the ability to recall daytime memories more easily (reality checks) and the promotion of more vivid and memorable dreams.

During my experiment, I confirmed that taking galantamine increased the vividness and length of my dreams. One thing I noticed, and attributed to this, was that it would keep me up longer than normal before I fell asleep. This may have caused me to go into a deeper stage of NREM sleep, resulting in longer and more stable REM cycles. The increased vividness and length of my dreams gave me more time to become aware I was dreaming.

An analogy that I believe is fitting is throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball. The more chances you have to throw or shoot (longer dreams), the more chances you have to throw a strike or score (become lucid).

Additionally, I believe there may be a powerful indirect placebo effect at play when taking galantamine for lucid dreaming. The belief that the supplement can help increase lucidity, coupled with the noticeable changes in REM sleep, may subconsciously reinforce the idea that the supplement is working.

However, I want to emphasize that achieving lucidity takes dedication and commitment regardless of any medication or supplement used. In my opinion, keeping a dream journal is essential and provides the foundation for lucid dreaming that you build upon.

Lastly, I want to note that I have been prescribed galantamine by a doctor. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using galantamine, as it may have interactions with other medications.

Overall, it was a fun experiment, and my next one will involve not using galantamine so that I can gain a better understanding of its effect on my dreams.


Very interesting to read of your experiment, thanks for sharing.

When did you usually take galantamine? before going to bed or during WBTB?

Did you notice any other effects on your daytime perception?


Thanks for narrative about your experiment. That’s quite a lot of lucid dreaming in several months. I also have a doctor’s prescription for galantamine and indeed get it through medicare. Could you also mention your age and if you have any condition that interfere with your sleep? I find that if I take it before sleep, it’s harder to actually get to sleep, which many others seem to report as well. For me, galantamine aids my memory for dreaming but not necessarily causes lucidity. I like how you made adjustment to your daytime practices to carry over into the night. Finally, which brand of the medicine are you using? I have found some forms have been more useful than others.


42% Success rate with Lucid dreaming, that is amazing! Talk about a monumental accomplishment, well done my friend!

Before you did this study, how often would you have lucid dreams, was the frequency lower, or the same? Sounds to me like you are on pace to eventually start having LDs at will, or every night!

What was the dosage size you were taking every night? 4mg? 8mg?

Very excited to hear about the meaningful dreams you had if you are interested in sharing? Especially the one thst was your favorite and the one that was most impactful.

Glad to have you back! Your encouragement earlier in the year was a huge factor in helping me become lucid, really appreaciate that. Thank you.

Hope you share this with Andrew, he may force you to take his place and start running this site :wink:


Possibly unrelated, but during this time, I remained mostly silent about my practices. I only discussed my extremely vivid and impactful dreams with my mother, wife, and Reiki practitioner. I noticed that the less I shared, the more synchronicities would present themselves.

One major event that happen is one I was able to share with someone who had a near death experience that resulted in an OBE. A printing press machine fell on his head which resulted in him being medivaced to a hospital. It dislodged his sinus and caused him to lose 5 teeth, the doctor said 3 inches up or down and it would have been a fatal accident. He has no background in anything spiritual, etc. and has been a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years, working as a printing press operator for the majority of that time.

The reason I give his background is how significant this event was for him and I. We stepped on an elevator from a floor that should not have existed. The elevator we stepped on has a front and back door. The 4th floor only has a department off the rear door and the front door faces a cinderblock wall. When we walked on the elevator from the 4th floor I turned around to talk to him and saw the sign on the door we just walked through which said “Front”. I pointed this out to him, and we rode the elevator down then back up, and it opened the normal rear door. I was completely shocked as was he. We both still don’t understand what happen. To this day it has been the single most important moment of my life.

Yes, I am 36, and I normally have a very difficult time falling asleep without medications (I take Alteril and Nortriptyline and sleep aid as needed). I have been diagnosed with insomnia. While taking galantamine, it seemed to cut through the effectiveness of these medications, which is why I believe galantimine makes it harder to fall asleep. This side effect could potentially help with WILD.

The manufacturer is Slate run. It is a small circular purple pill.

It varies depending on my daytime practice. Right before I decided to do this study I was hyperfocused on performing WILDs and was able to perform the technique almost every night. This was my favorite method prior to trying galantamine. (DILDs are now my favorite, the dreams are much more stable in general)

Yes, one of my favorites happened recently, about a month ago, and is actually what my new profile picture represents.

I love dreams that have places in them with very high-quality woodwork, marble work, etc. I became lucid through the DILD technique (this is one of the largest differences I experienced taking galantamine - DILDs instead of WILDs), and the dream was incredibly stable. The architecture throughout the dream was all extremely beautiful, vivid and massive in scale. I was lucid but partially disconnected from my waking brain, which let me effortlessly change things in the dream and have flowing dialogue with dream characters. It was a lot of fun, and it was one of the rare lucid dreams that lasted over 10 minutes. Just this alone qualified it as one of the more enjoyable lucid dreams I’ve had in awhile.

Then the most impactful part of the dream occurred. I was with two dream characters exploring and the outline of a human appeared, flowing endlessly from bottom to top with the colors of the rainbow. He spoke about ushering in a new age of flow then produced the outline of a basketball that also had rainbow colors flowing in constant motion. He proceeded to perform impressive globe-trotter-type tricks with the ball while it was hovering really far infront of us. It was captivating.

Afterwards, we climbed a couple stairs to a platform with a giant circular console on it that had numerous TV screens. Then a booming voice, like that of an announcer said “connecting,” and the TVs went from black to playing live TV channels in perfect detail.

As the dream characters and I were talking they began to fold up and down like an accordion, then their voices necame increasingly distorted to the point where I could no longer understand them. They disappeared then my voice started becoming distorted and I woke up.

I used AI to edit my profile picture but it doesn’t do what I saw justice.

Absolutely, I think about our conversations from time to time. I am very happy it helped! It is an interesting journey we have decided to take. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same as mine. 90 tablets, 8MG every three months . . . . I’m in Massachusetts. Must be a national supplier.


Sounds correct. I’m in Pennsylvania, 8mg, 90 every 3 months also.


$5 copay . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Very cool! I have heard Andrew mention the term rainbow body, not sure what it is but wondering if the dream had anything to do with that?

What was it that made it so meaningful? Him sharing his stroy about the OBE? What did he say?


Me too, was thinking about you 2 weeks ago and when you were going to be back, thought about dropping you a line, but decided against it, did not want to disturb the study.

After reading more LD books, there is no doubt in my mind that meeting up in dreams is possible, not only with the living, but with the dead as well.

Did you have any paranormal or precognitive or synchronicity dreams over the period of the study?


It broke this reality for me and proved that the waking world is not as solid as I had believed my entire life. I failed to mention that this was a co-worker who had just started working with me.

At the time, I didn’t know about his experience, but a couple of days later, after the event with the elevator, he asked me about my hobbies, and I told him about lucid dreaming. He shared that he could relate to it from his near-death experience, which resulted in an OBE. He believed that it was not just his imagination, something that I wholeheartedly believe about certain lucid dreams. Then I started to think that his OBE experience may have been what allowed us to share such an amazing thing.

My mom said something that makes some sense to me too. I called her right after it happened pumped full of adreline trying to explain what just happen and she said he might have been there to keep me grounded during the experience and thought having that experience without grounding i could have ended up somewhere otherworldly. It all sounds crazy, but to me, like I said, it is the single most important event that has happened in my life. The dissolving of this world, knowing 100% that place is not as solid as I had thought for 36 years was and still is a huge deal for me.

My reiki practitioner also had a good perspective on it which resonated with me. She said it may have been a wink from the universe telling me that I am on the right path, which I like to imagine is true :slightly_smiling_face:.

This was my first thought too after I woke up. I have heard little bits about this from books I’ve read and Andrew’s Q&As but never really explored it in depth. I thought about reading a book on it after the dream but ended up looking into some other topics.

I agree 100% with what you’re saying. I believe there are different types of lucid dreams. Some are comparable to a local network on your computer, similar to how your computer will only communicate with devices in your home our dream only interacts with our own mind. However, the extremely vivid ones that include seemingly intelligent dream characters I would compare to gaining access to the internet, in these dreams I believe our conciousness can travel to other places that exist outside of ourselves and we can interact with other real beings/energies.

Regarding the paranormal/precognition, I met my deceased grandmother in one of my dreams. It was one of those dreams with extravagant architecture and normal, human-like/stable dream characters. I sat down at a bar and had a drink with her. Then the guy who guided me up a flight of steps where my grandmother was waiting handed her a note with my name on it, next to my name was an image of a soundwave.

I marked it as a cool lucid dream and was happy to see my grandmother looking so healthy. The paranormal/precognition part happened when I sent my mom a text the next day. I told her about the dream, and she sent me a message back saying that my grandmother was in her dream too, the previous night. She said my grandmother came into her dream and handed her chocolates before leaving.

It gets weirder because I had never dreamt of my grandmother once in my entire life, and my mother said the same thing. Synchronicities like this are something I never ignore, and this one allowed my mother and me to feel more connected with each other and the universe.

I plan on sticking around for a bit, seems like the boards are currently buzzing with activity :+1:.

Editing to add a comment to your post in another thread. Didnt want to post there because it is unrelated. Pretty awesome we had a similar experience with our grandmother and you just recently mentioned it on here. I love how interconnected everything is. It truly is beautiful to float in a world of synchronicity.

Sorry, I didn’t answer this question previously. I tried both. I did prefer to take it when I woke up naturally at night because I was able to fall back asleep easier. Success seemed to be about the same both ways. I would recommend giving both a try to see which works best for you.

Much better then mine, I pay 60 for 3 months.

Will take a look at these thank you.


Rainbow Body . . . .

Lots of links for that at Night Club here, here and here too. Andrew’s interview with Father Tiso about Rainbow Bodies is here.


I had trouble visualizing what took place in the physical world while you were in the elevator with this guy. Any way you can elaborate on this?


That is so awesome! I am reading the book Dream Messengers by Patricia Garfield. I really like it a lot. There is a section devoted to dreams about the dead giving their loved ones gifts, I havent gottent to it yet, but will let you know what it says when I read it. In it there is a number of precognitve dreams where the dead visit the dreamer the night they die, as well as instances where two people have the dead relative visit them on the same night in a dream. Talk about Paradigm shattering experiences!

The night my Grandma visited me in a dream for the first time this year, my mom also had a dream about her friend who killed himself, and visited her to tell her he was O.K. Not exactly a shared dream, but the coincidence was pretty remarkable, especially becuase her dream was so vivid and memorable (as was mine), and she almost never remembers her dreams.

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Much better than mine :upside_down_face: I pay almost double that for stuff I get off amazon. About $50, for 90 pills at 4mg.


A picture may explain it better. Quickly made this. We were on the 4th floor department and the department is off the front door of the elevator. On the rear side of the elevator is a cinderblock wall. We walked into the elevator and I turned around to talk to my coworker and saw that we had just walked(impossibly) through the rear door.

Very interested in this, please do share when you get to that part in the book.


Now I get it. That is Crazy! So the 2 of you basically walked through a brick wall without realizing it? Pretty amazing!

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Yes, precisely and as soon as I recognized what happen I turned to my coworker and said stop everything you are thinking right now, did you and I just walk through that door? He said yes and to that I said are you absolutely positively 100% sure we just walked through that door? He said yes and started giving me eyes like what is wrong with you. (I was positive too but i wanted to make sure this point in time was solidified and there was no question about what happen for me in the future)

Then I told him to look at the sign on the door. I said to him we just walked through the front door which is literlly impossible. It took him a little bit to process but he understood. I think he started to have the same reaction i did after we rode the elevator down then back up and the elevator opened the rear door like normal. I think about this still every time I get on that elevator.

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Really incredible. Glad you shared that, and the background about the coworker who may have experienced a miracle, and thats what allowed him to survive.

Andrew said recently in one of his videos: “Anomalous experiences are intimations of the nondual”.

I think that is very fitting for both senarios.

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I will mention this to him. It is funny because him and I went through a long period of trying to figure out what to call what happen in the elevator. The first attempt was we walked through a dimensional portal. We eventually settled on saying that we experienced a miracle.

Not sure if I understand the quote but my best interpretation of that would be: the observer and observed merge and boundaries between everything dissolve even if only for a moment. It provides a tiny glimpse into the nondual state of consciousness. Let me know if I misinterpreted or you have anything to add to it. Thank you for referencing that quote.

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